Review: Improve Your Email Deliverability Review: Improve Your Email DeliverabilityAre you tired of bounced emails? Does your out-of-date email list make you crazy? Stop wasting time with manual email list reviews and start automating the hard work!

In this review, I’ll go over the good, the bad, and the ugly regarding this online marketing tool. So let’s get into it.

So What is

Email marketing is great until you have a list of dead email addresses. Even if you’re careful, things happen. In fact, between 20-30% of emails will bounce in a single year. is a great online tool that helps you clean up your email list to keep it current and full of your target audience. It claims to have a 99% accuracy rate. That’s far better than if you manually went through your extensive lists!

This tool allows you to verify single emails instantly before sending any emails. You can also do a bulk email verification where you upload a list into the system and let the servers get to work. You can also use their easy-to-integrate API to catch bad emails as they come in. Either way, you’ll have a more accurate and profitable email list. Review: Why You Need This Email Marketing Tool

Cleaning up your email list can significantly affect your email and content marketing return-on-investment (ROI).

Sending to a bunch of dead email addresses will also negatively affect your delivery, click-through, and open rates. When you send your emails to a bunch of addresses that aren’t accurate or active, your performance rates will tank.

Not only does this affect the number of people who will see your perfectly crafted copy, but it can also cost money if you’re using a program that charges you depending on the number of email addresses you send to. will automatically verify each email address on your list and delete the inaccurate or unavailable ones. This will work to boost your ROI and your email deliverability score. The higher your score, the less likely you are to get marked as spam by internet service providers (ISPs). Review: What Tools Are In the Toolbox? has various tools in its toolbox that will benefit any email marketer. Each of them promises to work together to rid your list of pesky inaccurate emails so that you only target people who want to see your content.

Duplicate Email Remover

Sometimes, people will join your email list more than once, especially if you’re running paid ads. will check your list and remove duplicates.

Spam Trap Remover

Spam trap emails are those addresses used solely to monitor and identify spam content. will search your list for those email addresses and eliminate them.

Risk Validator’s Risk Validator will remove emails with high-risk keywords or sketchy domains. These email addresses can bring down your email marketing numbers, so finding and eliminating them is better.

MTA Validations

A mail transfer agent, or MTA, transfers a message between the sender and the recipient. will check whether an MTA has a valid mail exchange or MX record. If it does not, it will delete that address.

Domain Validator

This tool will review all domains to identify and remove addresses with an inactive, parked, or invalid domain.

Complainers Verifier

Some people love to complain. has a complainer database, made up of addresses most likely to complain about marketing emails or mark them as spam. If they find one on your list, they will eliminate it.

Syntax Verifier’s syntax verifier will review and catch emails containing invalid syntaxes. If any are found, they will be removed from your list.

Real-Time Bouncing

Say goodbye to hard bounces. will run a Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, or SMTP, to find and remove these email addresses and improve your deliverability rate.

Disposable Email Checker

Some email addresses are just disposable. will find and remove these addresses.

Anti Grey-Listing Tech

Have an email address that is proving difficult to verify? Not for Their anti-grey-listing tech will verify even the most evasive addresses.

Selected Download

Want to download just one part of your results to share? With’s selected download function, you can! This tool allows you to download only the specific results you need.

Team Account

Sometimes, multiple people need to verify lists on one account. makes it easy for multiple team members to use their tool while pulling from the same credit or payment pool. Reviewing the Cost is fairly affordable, with three payment options:

  • Pay As You Go
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Yearly Subscription

The Pay As You Go option includes your API and is based on the number of email addresses ‌you want to verify. It starts at $19 for 5,000 emails and goes up to $2999 for 10 million emails.

Pay As You Go Option
Pay As You Go Option

The monthly subscription is valuable for a team that needs to verify email addresses often. It is excellent for API integration. It is cheaper, and you can cancel anytime.

Monthly Subscription Tiered Pricing
Monthly Subscription Tiered Pricing

The yearly subscription is more economical. You can cancel anytime, and it is great for API integration. Review of Yearly Subscription Costs Review of Yearly Subscription Costs

The great thing about is that you can try it for free. They will give you 100 credits to test their platform and decide if it’s for you.

Wrapping Up Review

Email marketing is truly a numbers game. When you go into it with the wrong numbers on your list, you’re skewing your results against you from the beginning. So clean up your list and watch your deliverability and marketing ROI blossom.

Trying Let me know how you like it! I’m always interested to hear what works for other digital marketers. Review FAQs

1. What is is an email verification tool with a 99% accuracy rate. It will check for duplicate, out-of-date, inaccurate, or dead email addresses on your email marketing list. A clean list is essential, whether you’re using it for lead generation, education, or outreach.

2. Why should I clean up my email marketing list?

Cleaning up your email marketing list should be done quarterly, at the very least. When you keep an updated list, you will see an increase in your email marketing ROI and email deliverability rate. When you have a high deliverability rate, it is less likely that ISPs will mark your content as spam. This will help keep your emails where they belong — in your audience’s inboxes.

3. Is expensive? has a variety of plans designed to fit into any marketing budget. And the best part? They offer a free trial so that you can see their platform up close and personal before deciding whether it’s for you.

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