John Lincoln, Leading Digital Marketing Expert

This is John Lincoln.

I figured I would just say hello and speaking directly to you.

Hope you don’t mind… 😉 

Thank you for stopping by my personal website.

I spend a very small amount of time on this site.

Although, it’s a great site and last I checked gets about 10,000 visitors a month.

I’ll be growing it overtime and I’d expect the site to be at about 30,000 a month by the end of the year.

Most of my time is spent working with clients, managing staff, running marketing and setting strategic direction for Ignite Visibility.

If you are looking to learn more about me, there are two great places to do it.

First, I recommend we connect on LinkedIn. You will also find a pretty up to date bio on that site.

Second, you can always stop Ignite Visibility and read the blog or visit the YouTube.

Since you came to this page to learn about me, here are a few things you might want to know.

Briefly, I am a digital marketing strategist, investor and entrepreneur. I am 100% focused on what moves the needle to increase businesses traffic and revenue online.

I’ve been doing it about 16 years now. 

I’ve written two digital marketing books, made two digital marketing movies, worked with some of the biggest websites online and built one of the top digital marketing agencies in the USA. Quick note, the team and I built the agency. There are over 100 people who work there and I appreciate our team greatly. 

Some of the better known clients I have worked with are Fox, USA Today, Tony Robbins, Cox, DoorDash, World Surf League, Morgan Stanley, Office Depot, Game Spot, 5 Hour Energy, The Knot World Wide, The General, Fuel TV, New Egg, BikeBandit, Jacuzzi, Sundance Spas, and more. I love all of these businesses and the people behind them. Nothing gives me more joy than to help a great company and amazing people through digital marketing strategy, business coaching and developing a trusting relationship.

Here is how I can help you.

Hire my agency or set up a premium digital strategy session with me.

Buy one of my books.

Book me to speak at an event.

Look forward to seeing you online.

And as I love to say, onward and upward!

  • John 

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