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How to Hire a Content Marketing Agency

How to Hire a Content Marketing AgencyContent marketing is taking the world by storm. Everyone from household global brands to small mom-and-pop shops are seeing success with it. But as a business owner, sometimes creating engaging content is just one more thing on your never-ending to-do list.

That’s where outsourcing comes in! The right content marketing agency will grasp your tone and produce content that your audience loves, driving more traffic to your site and boosting your sales.

In this article, we’ll talk about how to determine which types of content you need and how to hire a content marketing agency that fits your business.

How to Find The Networks You Want to Post Content On

The first step in determining which content marketing agency will be the right fit is to figure out which network you want them to create content for.

Where is your target audience spending most of their time? Do they scroll through Facebook or Instagram? Maybe they watch countless videos on TikTok or spend their time brushing up on the industry news on LinkedIn. 

Maybe your target audience is made up of huge researchers who will spend time Googling what they need to know. If that’s the case, you’ll want to focus on increasing your website’s SEO through blogging and other website-specific content marketing strategies.

No matter the situation, you need to find them and meet them where they are.

How to Determine the Right Kind of Content to Create

You’ve decided what networks you want to post on. Now it’s time to determine the right kind of content to create for your product or service. 

First, take a look at what your competitors are doing. Analyze what is performing well with their audiences because you’ll probably be looking to engage the same audience.

If you have an existing content marketing strategy, look at what has performed well for you in the past. If your social media tutorial videos are getting a lot of engagement, mention this when you’re interviewing content marketing agencies

Go to whichever network you want to focus on and take note of what type of content is being shared there. If you own an educational supply company, chances are your customers will want to see your products being used in a classroom but they might not resonate with long-form blogs.

On the other hand, if you are a fiction author, your audience might really love your long-form blogs and essays. The type of content you decide to use is going to vary greatly depending on which network you’re using and the type of business you are in.

Finally, don’t be afraid to do some good old-fashioned market research. Go straight to the source!

Ask your existing audience what they like to see from you and what they don’t. If you were able to grab their attention, they will give you great feedback on how to grab the attention of more people like them — your ideal audience.

How to Choose Between Video, Text, Audio, or Images

With so many forms of content out there, it can be hard to decide which is going to work well for you.

This is a perfect example of why hiring a content marketing agency is helpful. Since agencies usually work with clients across all types of industries, they are going to be familiar with all types of media.

One of the first things that you’re going to want to look at is what network you’re using. Does their platform-specific algorithm push any type of content over another? For example, Instagram often pushes video content published as a Reel over stagnant content such as images or graphics posted to the feed.

You should also consider what type of content will showcase your product the best. If you are a singer, video and audio content is probably going to do the job better than written content. 

Your budget is going to come into play here, too. Do you have the space in your budget for the creative team required to make the content you want?

Regardless of what type of media you decide to focus on, make sure that the content marketing agency you’re working with is well-versed in how to successfully incorporate it into a marketing strategy.

What a Full Content Marketing Program Looks Like

When you first start working with a content marketing agency, they are going to develop a program or strategy for you. This plan will be the cornerstone of your work together.

According to the SEMRush, this program should include four things:

  1. Your business’s case for content. This includes why you want to create content, what you hope to achieve from the content, and the risks involved in taking this route.
  2. Your plan for content marketing. This includes the goals you have for your content, the audiences you want to reach, and how you will measure the success of your program.
  3. Your business’s positioning. This part of the program explains why your brand is unique and how your content marketing will expose that uniqueness. 
  4. Your content’s value proposition. This is where you’ll list how your content is going to prove to be valuable to the consumer. What about this content will make your business stand out from the competition?

Your content marketing program can be tweaked as you go along if you find something isn’t working or come across another idea that you want to try. For the most part, this program will be the core of your work with your content marketing agency of choice.

So, How Do You Hire a Content Marketing Agency?

  1. Decide what networks you want to post on
  2. Determine the right kind of content for your business
  3. Choose which form of content you’re looking for help creating 
  4. Do your research and find a company that supports your vision of a full content marketing program. 

Content is (still) king. Be sure to review all the steps you’re taking to hire the right content marketing agency for your business. 

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