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Books: Digital Influencer

John Lincoln is author of two books. The Forecaster Method and Digital Influencer.

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Digital Influencer: A Guide to Achieving Influencer Status Online

Featured on Forbes as a “marketing book you have to read before your competition” and LinkedIn as one of the “TOP” marketing books this year! As seen on Forbes, Entrepreneur Magazine, Inc. Magazine, Search Engine Land, Marketing Land and more. Take control now!

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Learn how to become an influencer from veteran UCSD teacher, online marketing consultant and CEO of Ignite Visibility, John Lincoln. This book gives exact, step-by-step strategies to reach influencer status. These are the same strategies Lincoln used to turn Ignite Visibility into one of the fastest growing companies in the nation (number 698 on the Inc. 5000) Get it now!

Digital Infleuncer Book Description | by John Lincoln, MBA, CEO, Entrepreneur, UCSD Teacher Who will you be in life? Will you be a follower? Or will you be an influencer?

Definition Digital Influencer: An online persona with the power to stimulate the mindset and affect the decisions of others through real or perceived authority, knowledge, position, distribution or relationships.

This book does not hold anything back. But neither can you if you want to be an influencer. You have to fully dedicate yourself, otherwise it is impossible.

Too often, people believe that influencers are born, not made, and that we can’t learn how to do what they do. Wrong!

You can become an influencer and do so much more quickly if you are focused and know the right steps to take.

This practical guide to becoming an influencer in your industry will explain what influence is and how it works. It will show you how to grow your following, build credibility and develop your identity as an authority in your field. It will provide direction in how to educate yourself, create compelling content, harness the power of social media and engage with your community. It will teach you how to build an online persona that is so powerful, a simple social media update or blog post will be able to affect change in your industry.

This process works. I have done this for myself and hundreds of clients. This book is your shortcut to reaching influencer status fast. Instead of wasting decades or even your entire life trying to figure out what you need to do, I’m just going to tell you how it works. I’ll also help you develop a personal plan.

I am going to start off by giving you some important background information and concepts that are critical to know if you want to become an influencer. As we progress, I will give you more specifics regarding tools, strategies and even a timeline. This book is the complete guide to become a leader and influencer in your industry. Buy it now, it will be one of the best investments you have ever made in your career and life.