Tips for TikTok Marketing: How to Get More Followers

TikTok is on the rise right now. In fact, it’s the #1 downloaded app in the world. If you’re interested in promoting your brand on TikTok, you’ll need to adopt some contemporary TikTok marketing strategies. In this guide, I’ll share a few. Start using them and you’ll get more positive reviews, more likes, and more […]

Complete Review of Drip: 1 Tool to Drive Ecommerce Sales

Drip Review

Drip is an automated email workflow solution designed specifically for ecommerce brands. Since it’s built for ecommerce, it offers insights, integrations and more. In this Drip review, I’ll go over the features of the product. That will help you decide if it’s best for your business. Forms & PopUps Before you can send an email […]

Social Media SEO: The SEO Base You’re Not Covering

social media seo

You have a social media strategy, and you have an SEO strategy. But do you know how to make the two work together? A lot of digital marketers ignore the fact that SEO and social media can work together to boost your brand awareness and move you closer to that coveted number one SERP space. […]

Powerful Messaging Tool for Facebook: Mobile Monkey Review

Powerful Messaging Tool for Facebook: MobileMonkey Review

How would you like to work with a messaging tool that gives you direct access to people in your target market and delivers a historically better open rate than email marketing? If so, then you should check out MobileMonkey. In this MobileMonkey review, I’ll go over the platform’s features and benefits so you can decide […]

15 of the Best Marketing Twitter Bios

Have you ever wondered what makes the Twitter presence of an influencer different from everyone else? Here I’ll show you some of the best marketing Twitter bios and explain why they’re so great. Jason Falls @JasonFalls The Breakdown: This one works so well because it’s humanizing and gives you the sense that this is a […]

Social Media Software: 18 Highest Rated Social Media Tools

Social Media Software: 18 Highest Rated Social Media Marketing Tools

The right social media software can really change your life! I have used them all and am testing different options constantly. Mostly, I do this because I want to be able to make the right recommendations to employees and students in my class at the University of California San Diego. Today, I’ll share some of […]

Complete Review of Sprout Social: Social Media Solutions

Complete Review of Sprout Social: Social Media Solutions

Sprout  Social optimizes your social strategy by streamlining your ability to post great content. It also highlights trends and analytics so you can take your online marketing to the next level. As of this writing, more than 25,000 brands and organizations rely on Sprout Social as an important part of their outreach efforts. Among them: […]

How to Promote Your Instagram Post

How To Promote Your Instagram Post

Want to know what happens when you promote a post on Instagram? For the answer to either or both of those questions, read on. Why Promote a Post? First question: why promote a post on Instagram? The answer is simple: to get more exposure for your business. It’s the same answer you would expect to […]

How to Share Posts From Instagram to Facebook

How to Share Posts From Instagram to Facebook

Did you ever notice that your Instagram posts tend to get more engagement than your Facebook posts? If so, you’re not alone. And it’s by design. Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content by friends and family in people’s newsfeeds. As a result, your business-related posts rank lower. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have options. So why […]

3 Steps To Turn Blog Posts Into High-Performing Instagram Carousel Posts

3 Steps to Turn Blog Posts Into High-Performing Instagram Carousel Posts

Do you ever feel like you’re running out of things to post on Instagram? Luckily, you already have a stockpile of compelling content that’s just waiting to be converted into ultra-engaging posts built just for the platform. You may be asking yourself—“where is this treasure trove of amazing content?” Why your blog, of course! So […]

Complete Review of Buzzsprout: Become a Podcasting Pro

Review of Buzzsprout

Want to start a podcast? If so, then you should check out Buzzsprout. Simply put, Buzzsprout will give you just about all the resources you need to get the ball rolling. All that’s left is for you to use your imagination and create the right type of podcast that you think will resonate with your […]

Complete Review of Bluebrry: Tools to Make Podcasting Simple

bluebrry review

Complete Review of Bluebrry Software If your brand can benefit from a regular podcast, then you’ll need tools to streamline the process. Fortunately, you can find those tools with Bluebrry Software. And that’s not a misspelling. That’s how the company really spells its name. Bluebrry offers podcast hosting, analytics, and even a WordPress plugin so […]