Why is Bounce Rate So Important? What Is It & How to Find It

Why is Bounce Rate so Important

Imagine this: somebody visits your website and then leaves right away. Is that what you want? Hopefully not. But when that happens, it’s called a “bounce.”  And it’s usually a bad thing. The percentage of visitors who bounce away from your site right after landing on a single page is called a bounce rate. It’s […]

CRO Software: The Highest Rated CRO Tools

There are thousands of conversion rate optimization (CRO) platforms available online. The challenge lies in finding the ones that will truly work for your team and your business. Fortunately, we’ve taken the guesswork out of finding the right CRO software to help you conduct A/B tests, measure qualitative data, optimize design, and much more. So […]

Plerdy Review: Track, Analyze, and Convert Visitors Into Buyers

Plerdy Review

New customers can bring a lot of value to a company, especially if they remain loyal for the long haul. Still, it’s important for businesses to keep their cost per acquisition low—so they can soak up more of that value. That’s what makes conversion rate optimization (CRO) so crucial. By focusing on CRO, you can […]

Increase Conversions on Your Blog With This Simple Strategy

How to Increase Conversions on Your Blog with This Simple Strategy

Picture this—you’ve crafted yet another amazing blog post, included all the right visuals, and hit ‘publish.’ And now…radio silence. You’ve gotten some traffic and a handful of social media shares, but something is missing. Maybe you’re targeting the wrong audience? Perhaps your content is not optimized for SEO? Before you run off and abandon your […]

Review of ClickFunnels [2019] Is This Really The Right Option?

How would you like to build a high-converting website without the aid of a web development team? If that’s what you’re looking for, you should check out ClickFunnels. In this review, I’ll explain the features of ClickFunnels and show you how it can benefit your business. The Difference Right out of the gate, ClickFunnels distinguishes […]

Unbounce Review – Is It The Best Landing Page Builder?

Complete Unbounce Review

Looking for more conversions? Unbounce may be the tool for you. Read on for my full review of the platform and whether or not it’s right for your business. New Balance Chicago needed to increase its sales. Unfortunately for the family-owned and operated business, that meant getting more customers in the door. You see, New […]

Complete Review of Instapage (Is It The Right Solution?)

Complete Review of Instapage

Want better results from PPC campaigns, social media contests or ebook downloads? Then you need better landing pages. And to get them, you need a tool like Instapage. Intrigued? Good. Read on for my full Instapge review. Instapage Review: Overview Instapage is a software dedicated to helping you create better landing pages. The first thing […]

10 Simple Marketing Automation Strategies That Will Result In A Big Return

10 simple Marketing Automation Strategies

Marketing automation has created quite a buzz. Below I’ve laid out a few simple strategies to get you started and produce a big return. It’s a big deal for a good reason. Among its many benefits, it can help gain and nurture contacts and push them through the sales funnel while saving you time and […]

14 Hacks To Get More Conversions From Your Form

for design tips to maximize conversion

If you’re not following form design best practices, you’re limiting your conversion rate. That means you’re losing money.  In this article, we’ll go over some form design tips that maximize conversions. Fortunately, with a little bit of know-how and a great development team at your side you can put together a form that keeps the […]

Conversion Rate Optimization Experts, A List to Bookmark Now

Conversion Rate Optimization Experts

As a fellow conversion rate optimization expert, I love keeping track of the top people in the business. I do so much competitive analysis, in fact, its one of my favorite pastimes. For me it’s not so much about competition, but instead the love for the game. That game being finding innovative tweaks, experiments and overhauls […]