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Complete Review of Instapage (Is It The Right Solution?)

Want better results from PPC campaigns, social media contests or ebook downloads?

Then you need better landing pages.

And to get them, you need a tool like Instapage.

Intrigued? Good. Read on for my full Instapge review.

Complete Review of Instapage
Review of Instapage

Instapage Review: Overview

Instapage is a software dedicated to helping you create better landing pages. The first thing you need to know is that it’s 100% dedicated to landing pages and landing pages only. Like the other great’s out there, this software offers the following:
  • A drag-and-drop editor
  • Integrations with major email and marketing tools like Marketo, MailChimp, etc.
  • Detailed landing page analytics
  • Creation of mobile-responsive pages
  • Publish pages quickly
  • A clean user interface
  • Customizable templates
  • Access to professional stock images
  • Collaboration tools
Instapage Review
Instapage Review
But those are just a few of the highlights. Let’s dig into what makes Instapage so great at what it does.

Instapage Review: Create a Landing Page

Since this is the epitome of what Instapage does, I thought I’d take you through the process of creating a landing page. When you initially log in, you’ll find a list of all the landing pages you’ve created. If this is your first, naturally, you won’t have much to pull from here. Instead, choose Create a Standard Page. This will give you three options: create a page from a template, an AMP page, or upload an Instapage file. Most often, you’ll go the template route. Do note that AMP pages are designed for mobile, and may be a good route to go if you’re designing a page specifically for mobile use. These are designed to load incredibly fast, but you’ll get this option if you’re signed up for the Enterprise plan. For our purposes, we’re going with a template. When you choose to use an Instapage template, you’ll be presented with all available templates. That’s 194 options, to be exact. To make it easier, you can filter the templates by specific types depending on the goal of your campaign: Lead generation, lead gen (two-step), click-through, webinar pages, mobile app, and thank you page.
Instapage Review: Choose from Instapage's many templates
Instapage Review: Choose from Instapage’s many templates
Once you’ve chosen your template, you’ll be taken to the Instapage template editor. This is one place where Instapage truly shines. Its editor is one of the best around, and with it you can adjust the fonts, colors, and designs to match your existing website or marketing materials. The editor is completely drag and drop, so you can place any element exactly where you want it to be within the page. Using it, you can add:
  • Headlines & Paragraphs
  • Images and Videos
  • Buttons
  • Forms
  • Shapes
And it gets better. Instapage’s editor is Pixel Perfect, so instead of having pre-defined grids and placement options to drag your elements to, you can place them anywhere on the page you like. As you drag your elements to different places, Instapage will display guidelines to help you space and align all elements accordingly. And, because having a mobile-friendly design is essential these days, Instapage allows you to easily switch between desktop and mobile view to make sure everything is placed and optimized accordingly across all devices. If need be, you can also edit your page directly from the mobile view.

Instapage Review: Publishing Your Landing Page

When you’re ready to publish your page, you have a few options. You can publish it to:
  • A custom domain
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Facebook
  • A demo page
Instapage Review: Choose where to publish your landing page
Instapage Review: Choose where to publish your landing page
A custom domain is pretty self-explanatory. Simply enter in the domain you would like to publish to. But beware, this one does require a little technical know-how. Luckily, Instapage includes a video to walk you through the process. If you host a site on WordPress and want to publish your landing page there, Instapage has a plugin dedicated to doing just that. This makes the process incredibly easy. Just log into your Instapage account from your WordPress site and publish right there. Publishing to Facebook is just as easy. Select the option and your Facebook page, and it will publish. Or, if you want a full demo of your page before it goes live, publish it to Instapage’s demo domain review. As a bonus, you can download your landing pages directly to your computer for future use.

Instapage Review: Additional Features

Now let’s take a look at the bells and whistles. Instapage comes with a few additional features that help separate from the other software out there. Those include:
  • Instablocks – these are handy for times when you need to create multiple landing pages, but don’t want to change the style of the page. Rather than recreating your entire page, it will save your elements for you to be reused. You’ll have access to blocks made by Instapage or you can create your own.
    Instagram Review: Instablocks
    Instagram Review: Instablocks
  • Heatmaps – this is a very cool analytics feature that gives you insight into how users are interacting with your page. It tracks mouse movement, clicks, how far visitors scroll, and where they spend the most time on the page. Note: heatmaps are only available with the Optimizer plan
  • A/B testing – If you want to test different elements of your page, you can split test using Instapage. Just duplicate your main copy and make a second copy with any changes to the text, images, CTAs, etc. When you publish your page, some will see the control version and others will see the variation. Information on how each performs will be stored in your Instapage analytics section.

Instapage Review: Analytics

Of course, no top marketing software is complete without a dedicated analytics section. Instapage is no exception, and this is actually one of its biggest selling points. The cool thing about Instapage is that it allows you to set up conversion goals right in the editor, and then track progress over time. In the Editor, you’ll find sections called Conversion Goals and Analytics in the right-hand menu. In the Conversion Goals section, you can set specific goals to track in your analytics. In the Analytics section, you can add Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, Tag manager, etc. Then, when you check our Analytics section after you page is pushed live, you’ll find information about your page’s conversion rate based on the goals you set.
Instagram Review: Analytics
Instagram Review: Analytics
This is also where you’ll find information regarding the performance of your split tests, and you can also tweak the traffic split between the two test versions here. You’ll also find a section that collects information on the leads each page has collected.

Instapage Review: Pricing

Now for the part you’ve all been waiting for: the price. Instapage comes with three pricing tiers. The first, the Core plan, starts at $69.99/month and includes most basic features like the mobile-responsive builder and Instablocks. The next level, Optimizer, starts at $99/month and gives you access to unlimited A/B testing, heatmaps, and conversion goal tracking. And finally, the Team & Agency plan starts at $179/month and includes 15 private sub-accounts and branded lead notifications. Instapage does come with a free 14-day trial, so you can test the waters to see if it’s the fit for you. In general, most will benefit from the Optimizer plan. While you can get away with the basic Core plan for simply designing and publishing (awesome) landing pages, the Optimizer gives you access to helpful tools like heatmaps and A/B testing, which can help your overall conversion rate in the future.

Instapage Review: Pro’s

Here’s a rundown of Instapage’s most impressive features:
  • Pixel Perfect editor, and a drag-and-drop editor that’s extremely easy and intuitive to use
  • Mobile-responsive pages
  • Easy integration
  • Access to heatmaps
  • Collaboration features for teams
  • Great customer service and help features

Instapage Review: Con’s

Naturally, Instapage isn’t without its flaws, and it falls a bit short of its competitors in these areas:
  • The big one: price. Instapage is more expensive than many of its competitors
  • Advanced features only available with costlier plans
  • Could have more analytics, such as top performing pages

Conclusion Instapage Review

All in all, Instapage is a great option for those who need to put together quick, professional landing pages. It delivers high-quality pages in a simple-to-use format, making ideal for beginners and more experienced page designers alike. And though its extra features will cost more, they definitely add to the experience. The use of A/B testing and heatmaps will help guide your creation and strategy, and conversion goal tracking will let you know if you’re on track. Bottom line: If your goal is better landing pages, you can’t go wrong with Instapage.

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