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CRO Software: The Highest Rated CRO Tools

Which CRO tools are best for your business? Here are the highest rated options across the board, what users like about them, and some insight into how you should choose which CRO tools to use. I tried to keep my own personal bias out of this list 🙂
Highest Ranked CRO Software
Highest Ranked CRO Software

First Some Background on the G2 Crowd report

On December 8, 2015 G2 Crowd, a business software review company, released a comparative research report on CRO software. The findings were based on two scores for each software platform: one for verified customer satisfaction data and one for market preference based on both public and social data. G2 Crowd then uses the combined scores to categorize each CRO software variety. More than 350 reviews form the basis of the report and they were written by business professionals. About 50 CRO software products were ranked in this report; G2 Crowd included products that received at least 10 reviews. According to the report, KISSmetrics and Optimizely were categorized as “Leaders” with both strong market presence and customer satisfaction scores. With smaller market presence scores but strong customer satisfaction scores were the “High Performers” category members, which included Evergage, Instapage, LeadPages, Marketizator, Monetate, Unbounce, and Visual Website Optimizer. Of all of the CRO software tools rated, the highest market presence score was earned by Google Analytics while the best customer satisfaction score went to Instapage.
CRO Software 10 Highest Rated Options
CRO Software 10 Highest Rated Options

CRO Tools

The G2 Crowd report isn’t the only source of information on CRO software, however. Here is what you need to know about these most popular CRO tools.


Created by Neil Patel, KISSMetrics provides you with analytics you can use together with Google Analytics (GA). The thing users seem to like most about this CRO tool is that it works to track user behavior more than just numbers, allowing you to understand how and why your users move through your company’s sales funnel. In this sense it is focused on conversions, which makes it simpler to use than an entire analytics package.


Optimizely is CRO software designed to help users optimize websites by conducting multivariate, multi-page, and A/B testing. All you need to do to use it is insert one line of HTML code into your website to use the software to start testing right away. Through the Optimizely dashboard you can track sign-ups, conversions, clicks, and more.


Evergage  is a CRO tool intended for ecommerce websites as a real-time personalization tool. It lets site owners track user behaviors so they can then categorize people in their audiences in real time. The goal is to do this fast enough to provide a personalized experience created for each category or segment that eventually generates more leads and conversions. Evergage is therefore most useful for monetizing your existing SEO strategies or converting organic traffic into sales prospects via offers that are super-targeted to a user’s lifecycle and perspective. Obviously this leads to a better user experience overall.


Instapage is a landing page creation and email capture system that also allows you to conduct A/B testing. It is easy to use and doesn’t require you to code at all, letting you drag and drop to get your pages looking and working like you want them to. The CRO software also allows you to integrate your pages with your other tools.


LeadPages works a lot like Instapage, letting you create powerfully optimized landing pages that generate leads. It too lets you drag and drop and integrate all of your other tools. It also offers A/B testing, analytics, lead capture pop-ups, SMS opt-in codes, and one-click sign up links.


Marketizator, like Instapages and LeadPages, is a CRO software for marketers that allows you to increase conversions without heavy IT interventions by using personalization, surveys, and A/B testing. The dashboard and templates make this tool very easy to use as does the focus on personalization. No programming needed.


Monetate is similar to Marketizor. It focuses on personalization since customer relationships are so important in marketing, offering a way to analyze data to create and deliver personalization across all platforms for a uniquely personal omnichannel experience. It also works for users who lack technical skill so you don’t need to hire a new IT team to get the job done.


Unbounce is a CRO tool that provides both a testing tool and a landing page builder. Unbounce is another tool that sidesteps the need for using code with a drag and drop interface. It also allows you to conduct A/B testing and get the data you need to make good decisions.

Visual Website Optimizer

Much like Optimizely, Visual Website Optimizer is an easy to use CRO testing tool that lets you choose which elements you’ll be split testing and then generates the line of code for you to insert on your page.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics offers incredibly powerful analytics in a platform that allows for multiple site tracking via a single account. It divides up analytics into acquisition, audience, behavior, and real-time and also offers several different sub-categories for tracking. Use the “Conversions” tool to track which visitor demographics are your best prospects and monitor which kinds of users convert best. Use the “Content Experiments” tool to conduct split testing.


Sumo is SEO software that’s really a suite of tools. If you’re looking for a comprehensive solution, you should check it out before you look at anything else. With Sumo, you can build an email distribution list, easily create a contact form, and use heat maps to determine where people are spending most of their time on your site. It’s affordable, too. Professional pricing starts at about $30 per month.

Honorable Mentions: CRO Software

Since I’ve had so many questions about CRO software since this post, I wanted to follow up with some honorable mentions. Here are some other good options and the basics of how they work.


Ion interactive buyer's journey
Ion interactive buyer’s journey
Ion CRO tool allows you to create better data-driven interactive content for your content marketing strategy by testing and measuring progress without investing tons of time into development and without code. In this way Ion is designed to help you generate, engage with, profile, and qualify leads more effectively using tailored interactive content like assessments, configurators, calculators, interactive infographics, interactive white papers, quizzes, and solution builders.


Webtrends analytics screenshot
Webtrends analytics screenshot
Webtrends focuses on the cross-channel digital consumer journey and offers a way for brands to trace that pathway with the goal of connecting with consumers at each touch point. The CRO tool uses digital measurement to identify the sequence of steps customers take as they shop for and purchase things; it also assesses the success of the brand’s social strategy and analyzes which advertising channels produce the best customers. Use Webtrends to view dashboards and metrics and generate reports so you can get the big picture about your most critical performance indicators. You can then test variations at each point in the consumer journey to optimize the process.


Survicate screenshot
Survicate screenshot
Survicate lets you survey specific groups of people who visit your website about their characteristics, expectations, needs, and objections to understand them better and adjust your website and services to more effectively meet their needs. It allows you to collect feedback instantly with fast, unobtrusive survey widgets and take the uncertainty out of why visitors to your site behave the way that they do. Survicate also lets you target different segments of your visitors based on profile, behavior, or intent. Survicate lets you see your answers immediately using the reporting module, and you can even get instant notifications on your mobile device. You can also get regular inbox updates, export data to third party apps, or generate detailed in-app reports. A very fast way to get lots of insights.

Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg gives you excellent heat map and scroll map reports you can use to gain a greater understanding of the ways site visitors engage with your website. The CRO software can show you where on the site visitors are clicking and where they’re not; how many people scroll down which pages, and where on average people stop; who clicks on which places most often; and where your visitors come from. The maps can also show you which modifications are working well and how to prioritize your redesign, and can improve your budget efficiency and the speed of your user testing process.


Formstack is a great efficiency tool because it lets you manage your data and use it to create customized, branded online forms intuitively without coding. The better the forms, the more likely you are to generate leads with them. It also allows you to integrate all of the online forms you use now with more than 35 data management web apps including Google Analytics, Google Sheets, MailChimp, PayPal, and Salesforce.


SiteSpect allows you to ramp up your testing in a serious way. You can do use it to run A/B testing, multivariate testing, and split testing campaigns in thousands of different ways. You can also use SiteSpect’s advanced behavioral targeting to develop deeper and more meaningful consumer experiences. The tool also helps you optimize for mobile devices and improve speed. With SiteSpect you can also test any new functionality from a minor new pricing change to a total site redesign, any everything in between. If you need to create functional changes and deploy them instantly without an IT team, this is a great tool.


Qubit is very useful for businesses hoping to analyze their customers, create better, customized dashboards, create a more personalized consumer experience with messages and products, run A/B testing campaigns to improve KPIs, and integrate surveys and gain insights from visitors about all of these things. It’s strength lies in the fact that you can use Qubit for A/B testing, customer insights, dashboards, and personalization, and not need another tool for any of those things.

Convert Experiments

Convert Experiments experiment report screen shot
Convert Experiments experiment report screen shot
Convert Experiments allows you to edit your content without changing your infrastructure by supporting a simple, visual HTML website editor which shows you your experimental content as you go. It also lets you see dynamic content experiments in action with an easy style sheet for editing so you can work and make changes without much technical know-how. The end result is that you can run A/B, multivariate, and split tests yourself and test your experimental content pages without technical backup, saving time and money.


ClickTale is a cloud-based data insights tool that offers frequent security audits, ISO 27001 certification, limitless scalability, and maximum privacy policies. The tool itself lets you experience your brand’s digital touchpoints just like your customers do to better understand their intent via data-rich heatmaps of customer pathways and high-fidelity replays of individual sessions. In this way ClickTale is a great tool for finding and eliminating friction points in the customer pathway.


The BrightInfo personalization algorithm is designed to analyze visitor behavior to more effectively deliver relevant content at the right points in the customer journey, thereby maximizing your conversion rate. It’s a kind of personalization tool for the customer experience on your site that provides content through interconnected branded triggers that are automated. It also offers a free trial run with A/B testing so you can be sure the formula is working for your site.

Adobe Target

Adobe Target
Adobe Target
Adobe Target is a personalization tool designed to help you use easy to execute tests to identify your best content simply with the goal of delivering the right experience to the right customer. In that vein Adobe Target provides ready access to best practices and a simple interface that allows you to confidently target content and quickly create A/B tests. The automated approach allows you to easily create a personalized customer experience in real time, and the self-learning algorithms provide you with better cross-selling and deeper engagements. The geolocation targeting and A/B testing features let you increase revenue and mobile engagement, and Adobe Target also uses your customer data to generate personalized recommendations you can automatically present to your customers based on their behavior.

AB Tasty

AB Tasty heatmap
AB Tasty heatmap
The AB Tasty SaaS application is another solution that allows you to maximize CRO and test several versions of your pages without technical knowledge. Use the AB Tasty graphical editor and interface to create all your tests: A/B tests, A/B/C tests, multi-page tests (tunnel), tests on pages behind logins, and multivariate tests (MVT). Then just define your parameters and go. You can then use the same interface to make changes to the pages right away based on your results.


GTmetrix generates a report that shows you the big picture (and all the details) on how fast your site is, and it shows you exactly where any problems are. It shows you PageSpeed and YSlow scores and recommendations; page load details including number of requests, size, and time; report, video, and waterfall history; and an analysis of your options.


Optimost is another great testing app option that offers a range of testing tools. It provides self-service A/B/N testing you can customize and use at your own speed on dynamic pages, mobile sites, single page apps, static pages, and other targets; multivariate testing is also an option. Optimost is easy to integrate with GA or whatever other analytics tools you’re using so you can make the most of your analytics in your tests. You can also track visitors and other specific factors and personalize your content delivery.


Avenseo is another A/B and multivariate testing platform option for both website and mobile application use. It is easy to use, allowing you to just copy and past the tag onto your testing pages. The advantage to Avenseo is that you don’t have to build your own tests; you use Avenseo’s which are fairly comprehensive.


ClickThroo screenshot
ClickThroo screenshot
ClickThroo is a landing page building software, but it is also designed for auto-optimizing, segmenting, split-testing, and personalizing your landing page experience for your customers without coding, hosting, or third-party software. The landing page editor is intuitive and easy to use, and you can choose the templates that come with ClickThroo or design your own. Set your testing parameters and goals and let it go, and watch the insights come in through reports, tracking, real-time notifications, etc.   Did I skip any CRO Software that you feel deserves a mention? Be sure to let me know in the comments.

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