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Review of Seamless.AI: How to Connect With Prospects to Grow Your Business

Review of Seamless.AI- How to Connect
Review of Seamless.AI

Looking for new leads for your business but have absolutely no idea where to start? If so, then you should check out Seamless.AI.

In short, Seamless.AI lets you search for people who might be interested in buying what you’re selling. You can find leads by keyword, industry, title, company, and more.

And it’s got a database of more than 800 million contacts. It’s a safe bet that the people you’re looking for are in there somewhere.

Better yet: the data is always up to date.

The author of the software says that he simply automated what he used to do manually when hunting down leads. It seems to have worked marvellously.

In this Seamless.AI review, I’ll go over all the tool’s features. Then you can decide if it’s the best way to track down leads.

Complete Review of Seamless.AI Search

First up in this complete review of, I’ll start by going over the search feature.

As I mentioned above, the tool lets you search with various filters. But it also allows for sophisticated searches using booleans and quotation marks.

For example, you can do a search with IBM as the company, manager in the title, and “developer” in the keywords.

For that kind of a query, you’re likely to get several results.

Those results will include details such as the person’s name, title, image, website links, social media links, email address, and phone number.

Yes. You get all that with the tool.

Further, if your results are limited (for whatever reason), Seamless.AI will tell you what you need to do to get more results. It might suggest that you refine filters or update booleans.

Each listing also has a rating. Just like on Amazon.

In other words, other Seamless.AI users chime in to tell you about their experience with the contact. If the phone number or email address is wrong, they’ll give the listing a thumbs down and you’ll know enough not to waste your time.

Find Contact Social

You might be heavily into social media marketing. While there are plenty of social media marketing tools available, Seamless.AI offers additional convenience in finding leads on social media.

The tool lets you do a powerful LinkedIn search. And you can do it with the free version of LinkedIn.

However, if you upgrade to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you’ll gain access to more searching features.

Although the results are the same if you do the search on the LinkedIn platform, you can simplify the process when using

review of
Review of Seamless.AI: Find Contacts


In this Seamless.AI review, I’ll also cover how the tool lets you use lists.

Lists enable you to categorize the contacts that you’ve discovered. You can “tag” people with relevant words like “hot,” “president,” “influencer,” and other words and phrases.

All you have to do to create a list and tag candidates is click the little plus sign once you enter the person’s name.

The tool lets you create as many lists as you want.

You can even filter your own lists!

Of course, Seamless.AI also lets you download lists for export to another tool (such as a CRM).

Find Companies

This Seamless.AI review will also cover how you can use the tool to find companies.

That’s important if you’re in the B2B space and looking to land companies as clients instead of individuals. Within those companies, you need to find the people with authority to hire your business.

You can use Seamless.AI to search for companies by number of employees, estimated revenue, location, and keywords.

You can even search for whole phrases relevant to what the company does.

The results list for that kind of search will include the names of companies rather than individuals.

review of
Seamless.AI Review: How to Find Companies 

If you add them to one of your lists, the tool will reveal their social media links. Then, you can follow those businesses to learn more about what they’re up to.

Click on a company name and you’ll see a popup that allows you to save info about the business as well.


Yes, you can set and track goals in the tool. In this Seamless.AI review, I’ll show you how to do that as well.

For starters, the tool allows you to enter info about commission targets. Visit the Sales Income Calculator section if you’d like to do that.

Then, set your sales quota. The tool will use that data to highlight details about your appointments and how much each sales lead is worth.

What can you do with that kind of info? Simple math.

Calculate how many leads you need to contact every day, week, or month to meet your goal.

Then, make sure you follow through on those contacts.

Review of Seamless.AI: Gong

Yes, there’s a Gong feature. I’ll cover that in this Seamless.AI review as well.

Unlike the instrument on the old “Gong Show” TV series, though, a gong in Seamless.AI is good news.

It’s a way of celebrating success.

Think of a gong sound here as the ring of a cash register.

When you click the gong in the upper, right-hand corner of the tool, a popup appears with an animation. It also shows a couple of buttons.

You can click the button that corresponds to the type of event you’re celebrating (for example, “Appointment Booked” or “Closed Sale”). Then, you can share the event on social media.

And if somebody who follows you on social media signs up for Seamless.AI because they saw the gong, you get a referral credit.

In other words, you win twice.

Help Center

Like many other tools, there’s a bit of a learning curve involved when it comes to getting up and running with Fortunately, the website offers a Help Center to give you some guidance.

The Help Center provides a healthy amount of documentation and even includes a video walkthrough if you need to learn by example.

Further, there’s a feature for submitting tickets to a Help Desk if you’re really stuck. I don’t expect that to be the case very often, though.

Seamless.AI Pricing

It’s free. At least if to begin with.

Unsurprisingly, though, the free version offers limited features. You won’t be able to harvest all the leads you’re looking for unless you fork over some cash.

Seamless.AI pricing starts at $125/month. For that, you get as many as 250 leads, 250 emails, 250 phone numbers, and 250 CSV downloads every month. pricing
Seamless.AI Pricing: Best Value 

If you want to go enterprise, the price drops to $65 per month, but that’s per license. You’ll need to purchase at least 15 licenses and that will clearly cost you more than a buck-and-a-quarter every month.

Wrapping It Up

If you’re new into sales and asking yourself, “Where do I begin looking for leads?” My answer is: start with

Get the free package. You have nothing to lose.

Then, if you like what you see there, make the investment. You could end up with a sales pipeline that’s packed with lots of revenue and commissions.

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