Complete Review of Pixpa: Ultimate Portfolio Website Builder


Complete Review of Pixpa: Ultimate Portfolio Website Builder

Need to build a website but lack development and design skills? No problem, just take a look at Pixpa.

With Pixpa, you can create a slick website that appeals to your target audience in about half a day. And you don’t need to know anything about HTML, JavaScript, layouts, deployments, hosting, or any of that high-tech stuff.

That means Pixpa not only streamlines your development efforts but also saves you money. If you hire contractors to take care of all those tasks for you, you’ll dig deep into your wallet.

But Pixpa starts at just $7 per month.

For that, you get a portfolio website builder, an e-commerce powerhouse, an online presence for your small business, and a variety of digital marketing tools all in one package.

In this Pixpa review, I’ll cover the product’s features. I’ll also go into more detail about its pricing structure.

Pixpa Review: Build a Website

In this part of the Pixpa review, I’ll explain how the tool enables you to build a professional-looking website.

It’s a simple four-step process to creating a website with Pixpa:

  1. Add content
  2. Add pages and organize your site
  3. Choose your Pixpa plan
  4. Connect your custom domain and go live

In this section, I’ll explain Steps 1 and 2.

Pixpa makes it a snap to add awesome content to a website. Even if you’re building one from scratch.

That’s because you don’t have to create a website from scratch. Pixpa enables you to choose from a variety of templates to get the ball rolling.

Just pick the website template that you think will resonate with your target market. Then, customize it so that it does an even better job of reaching people in your audience.

Got a photography business? Cool, go with a template that’s meant to highlight your awesome photographs. You’ll learn quickly why many folks think that Pixpa is the best online portfolio builder.

Running a small business? No problem, just choose a template that will highlight your unique selling proposition and boost your brand.

But picking a template is where your journey begins. Not where it ends.

Using Pixpa’s drag-and-drop builder, you can customize that template to suit your needs. Add text, images, videos, and widgets so that it looks and feels like something your visitors would want to see.

Pixpa Website Builder
Pixpa Website Builder

The builder even lets you create pop-ups. Use them to give visitors the option to join your mailing list. Or promote your latest sale. Or advertise a great blog post that’s getting plenty of attention.

Your choice.

Additionally, feel free to add an announcement bar to your website. Use it to share important info or “breaking news” about your brand.

And Pixpa also offers SEO tools so your site will get discovered by the various search engines.

Are you planning an ecommerce site? No problem, Pixpa supports online stores as well.

Use the tool to create a full-featured store. Add your inventory and start selling in just a day or so.

Again: you don’t need to know how to do any coding to make that happen.

Also, the final version of your website will be responsive. That means it will look great on any device, whether it’s a huge desktop monitor or a skinny viewport on a smartphone.

That’s important because if your website doesn’t appeal to a mobile audience, then you’re guaranteed to lose market share.

And even though the tool is user-friendly, you might get stuck once in a while. Don’t worry when that happens, though, because Pixpa offers 24/7 customer support.

24/7 Customer Support
24/7 Customer Support

When you’re finally ready to put your finished website on the Internet, Pixpa helps with deployment by offering hosting.

And yeah, you get to pick your domain name.

Just go with the domain name that will appeal to your target market, secure it, and launch your website.

Pixpa will also help with website security. The tool offers free SSLs so that people reach your site with the secure HTTPS protocol instead of the unsecure HTTP protocol.

Using HTTPS instead of HTTP, by the way, will also help with SEO. Google likes secure sites.

Pixpa Review: Online Store

In this part of the Pixpa review, I’ll explain how the tool helps you build a powerful e-commerce site.

I touched on this subject above but it deserves its own section: Pixpa helps you sell anything with ease.

And by anything, I mean:

  • Physical products
  • Digital content
  • Services
  • Images

It’s up to you to activate the product’s integrated e-commerce store and configure it to suit your business.

Then, connect your PayPal or Stripe account to the website so you can take payments directly.

PayPal and Stripe
PayPal and Stripe

There are very few people who might want to buy from you but wouldn’t be able to pay via PayPal or Stripe.

But for those who do fall into that category, Pixpa offers an offline payment option as well.

Highlight each product that you’re trying to sell with up to 10 images or videos. Then add a product description that’s effectively ad copy so visitors will click that awesome “Add to Cart” link.

And speaking of that cart, Pixpa also offers a full-featured shopping cart complete with branded checkout pages.

The tool also helps you deal with a perennial plague of e-commerce marketers: the abandoned shopping cart. Pixpa will send an email to people who bailed on the cart so that they can resume checkout.

Finally, Pixpa also helps you manage shipping rates easily with shipping rate lists.

Pixpa Pricing Plans

As I noted above, Pixpa starts off at just $7 per month.

That’s if you choose the annual billing option, though. Otherwise, it’s $10 per month.

But that’s still a pretty good deal if you’re looking for a great portfolio website builder.

That $7/$10 plan, called the Personal Plan, will give you everything I’ve mentioned in this post except marketing pop-ups, payment forms, the announcement bar, and the mobile information bar.

You do get basic mailing lists, though.

The Expert Plan costs $10 per month annually and gives you everything in the Personal Plan plus basic marketing pop-ups, the announcement bar, and the mobile information bar.

You’ll also get advanced mailing lists with that option.

Finally, the Business Plan costs $16 per month annually and gives you everything.

Pixpa Pricing Plan
Pixpa Pricing Plan

Wrapping It Up

If you want to find out why lots of marketers think Pixpa is the best online portfolio builder, feel free to take it for a test drive.

No matter which plan you choose from above, you can get started for free. The company offers a 15-day trial period that won’t cost you one red cent.

That’s more than enough time to determine if Pixpa can help you launch the website you’ve been dreaming about.

So why not get started today?

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