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Review of GrowthBar: SEO and Content Tools to Grow Your Business

Review of GrowthBar: SEO & Content Tools to Grow Your Business

Looking for a tool that will help you track keywords, generate content ideas, and give you info about your competitors?

I know what you’re thinking. There are quite a few tools like that already on the market.

But how about a tool that does all that while it runs inside your Google Chrome browser?

That’s GrowthBar.

GrowthBar is a Chrome extension that gives you on-the-spot insights about any website. Including your own.

And you can use that info to generate an SEO strategy.

In this GrowthBar review, I’ll cover the product’s features. I’ll also go over its pricing model so you can see how much you’ll need to invest if you want to use it.

Growthbar Review: slogan

GrowthBar Review: Keyword Research

Keyword research is the lifeblood of modern-day SEO. And the GrowthBar Chrome extension helps you track your own keywords.

It also offers millions of keyword suggestions. You can use that info to get ideas for future blog posts.

And yes, like many other tools, it gives you difficulty scores so you can see how hard it will be to rank any keywords you’re thinking about.

Don’t get too hung up on the difficulty scores, though. If you’ve got amazing content, it should rank well.

One other thing: GrowthBar offers long-tail keyword suggestions. Use those as “low-hanging fruit” that will land you visitors your competitors will never see.

Review of GrowthBar: Keyword Research Tool
Review of GrowthBar: Keyword Research Tool

GrowthBar: Competitor Analysis

Speaking of competitors, the GrowthBar Chrome extension will let you dive into the SEO strategy that’s helping them rank.

For starters, the tool shows you any website’s organic keywords. Use that feature to “spy” on competing sites and get an idea of which keywords they’re using to drive traffic.

If you find that they’re using keywords you aren’t using, make some changes.

But it’s not just organic info that GrowthBar shows you. The tool also gives you insight into a competitor’s online ad strategy.

Check out the Google and Facebook ads that the company is using to reel in visitors. You’ll likely get a dose of inspiration about some ads you can run.

You can also use a competitor’s ad strategy to harvest new organic keywords.

And then there are backlinks. As you probably know, backlinks help websites build rank.

So it’s a great idea to check out the backlinks that help your competitors move up in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Fortunately, GrowthBar offers exactly that info. The company website says it gets the data from SpyFu, a well-known competitor analysis tool.

If you see a competitor earning backlinks from sites that aren’t linking to any of your web pages, reach out to the owners of those sites. You might land some additional link juice.

Content Generator Tool

Yes, GrowthBar will help you generate content.

In fact, it does a lot of content generation for you.

How does it do that? With the help of the OpenAI GPT-3 API. That’s a natural language processor that moves beyond simple keywords to get to the meaning of complete English sentences.

It’s important that GrowthBar enlists the aid of OpenAI because many other tools in this space work exclusively with keywords.

In other words, it looks like GrowthBar is ahead of the pack.

Anyway, the tool will use the OpenAI API to generate content outlines, headers, and even word counts on your behalf.

It will also include links and images.

This AI device can create some pretty powerful stuff if you’re in a hurry to create some awesome articles.

Review of GrowthBar: AI Content
Review of GrowthBar: AI Content

GrowthBar Chrome Extension

As I mentioned above, this tool also comes with a Chrome extension.

If you’re unfamiliar with Chrome extensions, they’re software packages that you can use to add functionality to Google Chrome.

There are countless extensions on the market with myriads of features.

The GrowthBar Chrome extension gives you on-the-spot analytics about websites as you visit them.

Of course, that means you have to use Google Chrome when you visit those websites. If you’re using some other browser, you won’t enjoy the full benefits of GrowthBar.

By the way, the tool is highly rated. It’s got five out of five stars on the Chrome Web Store.

It’s also got a 4.9 out of five stars on G2 and five out of five stars on Capterra.

Right now GrowthBar has about 3,000 customers. I expect that number to grow significantly over the next couple of years.

Review of GrowthBar: Chrome Extension Experience
Review of GrowthBar: Chrome Extension Experience


GrowthBar offers three pricing plans.

The Standard plan, at $29 per month, gives you unlimited analytics, competitor traffic insights, and Chrome extension use. You can track up to 25 keywords for a single website and create five AI-generated outlines per month.

The Pro plan will set you back $79 per month. That gives you everything in the Standard plan but allows you to track 75 keywords for three websites and create 20 AI-generated outlines per month.

The Agency plan costs $129 per month. That gives you everything in the Pro plan but allows you to track 150 keywords for 10 websites and create 50 AI-generated outlines per month.

Also: the Agency plan offers phone support while the other two plans only offer email support.

Pricing per Plan for GrowthBar
Pricing Per Plan for GrowthBar

Wrapping It Up

Like many other digital marketing tools, GrowthBar lets you get started for free. It’s a five-day trial, but it’s enough to give you plenty of insight about the tool’s benefits.

So take it for a test drive. If you like what you see, sign on with the service.

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