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Complete Review of EasyWebinar: Designed to Scale Your Business

Complete Review of EasyWebinar
Complete Review of EasyWebinar

Looking to launch a webinar but don’t know where to start? If so, consider using EasyWebinar.

EasyWebinar enables you to host live webinars, launch automated webinars, and integrate sales funnels.

And you won’t be alone if you sign on with EasyWebinar. It’s a tool that’s used by well-known brands such as Aweber, Drip, DOLBY, teach:able, and ClientPoint.

In this review of EasyWebinar, I’ll go over the product’s feature set. I’ll also cover its pricing structure so you can get a read on ROI.

EasyWebinar Review: Live Webinars

In this part of the EasyWebinar review, I’ll explain how the tool helps you conduct live webinars.

And let’s face it: if you’re interested in webinar software, it’s probably because you want to run live webinars.

EasyWebinar lives up to its name by making it a cinch to conduct a real-time webinar with no-delay streaming. That means there won’t be any lag between the time that somebody asks a question and when the host delivers a response.

The tool also offers a quality picture. Your audience will see in you pixel-perfect, high-def resolution. 

EasyWebinar also includes a real-time chat feature. Your attendees can use that to ask questions during the presentation without disrupting your “flow.” You get to answer the questions at your convenience.

And yeah, the tool supports emojis in chat.

Do you have a need for multiple presenters? EasyWebinar supports up to four presenters and each one of them can use a camera and a microphone.

The tool also enables you to record and archive all your webinar sessions. And feel free to use recorded webinars for automated sessions. More on that later.

EasyWebinar supports high-def screen-sharing as well. Your attendees will see your screen (almost) as clearly as you see it.

Additionally, presenters can share while their thumbnail images get pushed to the bottom of the screen. That gives attendees a chance to see the share in full-screen mode.

You have the ability to make any attendee a presenter as well. All it takes is the click of a button.

I definitely recommend you choose wisely in that situation, though.

Finally, your webinar communications will remain secure. The Webinar Live engine uses encryption that follows industry standard protocols.

Review of EasyWebinar: Live Webinar
Review of EasyWebinar: Live Webinar

Review of Easy Webinar’s Automated Webinar Tool

In this part of the EasyWebinar review, I’ll explain how the tool enables you to make money while you sleep.

As I mentioned in the previous section, you can record your webinars and use them later.

Now you might be asking yourself: “How can I use them?”

You can use them as automated webinars.

That means you can launch webinars that you don’t have to physically host. Instead, just set up a pre-recorded webinar and let it run while you go do something else like play golf or sleep.

Keep in mind: automated webinars have the look and feel of a “live” webinar. They’re just not live.

In other words, your audience will enjoy many of the benefits of a live webinar without monopolizing your time.

The biggest drawback to an automated webinar, of course, is the lack of interaction. But there’s a good possibility that attendees during the live version asked the same kinds of questions that people who watch the automated version would want to ask.

And, hopefully, you answered those questions during the live version.

Also, automated webinars stream in real time. Attendees have to show up at the scheduled start time or they’ll miss part of the show.

A great way to use an automated webinar is to stream it in local timezones. If you run a webinar at 9AM on the east coast, for example, that’s 6AM in California.

It’s not likely that too many people will be interested in attending a webinar at 6AM.

So why not run the automated version at 9AM local time on the west coast? That’s a great way to reach people you might have missed with your early schedule.

You can also repurpose a live webinar to convert it into a powerful lead-generation machine. Then, put your new leads into your sales funnel and nurture them accordingly.

And here’s a cool feature: you can schedule right-on-time registration with EasyWebinar. That means you can launch the webinar at the next 15-minute increment after a visitor registers on your website.

In other words: if somebody showed up at 2:05 PM and registered, they’d be able to start viewing the automated webinar at 2:15 PM.

Review of EasyWebinar: Automated Webinars for Specific Time Zones
Review of EasyWebinar: Automated Webinars for Specific Time Zones

Analytics Review of EasyWebinar

In this part of the EasyWebinar review, I’ll explain how the tool provides insights that you can use to optimize your webinar marketing.

For starters, EasyWebinar gives you overall stats that include:

  • Registered attendees
  • Total visitors
  • Percent watched
  • Replay views

But you’ll also get individual engagement stats:

  • Total attended event (if they came more than once)
  • Percent watched
  • Questions asked
  • Offers clicked

And if you need to export your data to a third-party number-cruncher, you can do that as well. EasyWebinar enables you to save your data in CSV format.

So feel free to export a time-stamped report of contacts, chat history, or attendee actions.

Integrations Available with EasyWebinar

Chances are pretty good that EasyWebinar won’t be the only digital marketing tool you’ll use. In this part of the EasyWebinar review, I’ll cover how the tool’s ability to integrate with other popular services.

EasyWebinar integrates with the following email marketing solutions:

  • Get Response
  • Active Campaign
  • Drip
  • Keap
  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • Constant Contact
  • Ontraport
  • ConvertKit
  • Hubspot
  • Pardot

Use any one of those tools to nurture the leads you reach with webinars.

Review of EasyWebinar: Examples of Integrations
Review of EasyWebinar: Examples of Integrations

Pricing Options for EasyWebinar

EasyWebinar offers three levels of service:

  • Standard at $78 per month
  • Pro at $129 per month
  • Enterprise at $499 per month

With the Standard level of service, you’re limited to just 100 attendees for both live and automated webinars.

However, you’ll also get access to EasyCast. That’s the EasyWebinar solution that enables you to stream your webinars on Facebook and YouTube Live.

By the way, you get unlimited attendees via YouTube Live.

The Standard level of service also offers a Webinar Foundations course and an instant on-boarding call.

With the Pro level of service, your limit jumps up to 500 attendees.

With the Enterprise level of service, you’re limited to 2,000 attendees on live webinars. There’s no limit on automated webinars, though.

The Enterprise plan also offers an Elite Webinar Mastery course.

Review of EasyWebinar Pricing Options
Review of EasyWebinar Pricing Options

Wrapping It Up

EasyWebinar is an option should you add to your shortlist if you’re looking for a webinar solution.

Simply put: it’s got the features you’re looking for if you’re serious about generating new leads with webinars. And it also integrates with plenty of popular email solutions.

By the way: you can start using EasyWebinar for free. So you literally have nothing to lose if you try it out.

Why not get the ball rolling today?

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