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10 New Marketing Technologies to Consider for Your Tech Stack

New Marketing Technologies

It’s a new year. That means it’s a good time to evaluate some new technologies.

If your current tech stack is giving you all the leads and sales you need, then you might not need to make any changes. On the other hand, if you think there’s room to grow, some new software might help.

Also, if you have used the same old, same old for the past several years, it might be a good time to look at other options. Old technology might be familiar, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best.

Here are 10 new marketing technologies to consider for your tech stack in 2020.

Adobe Sensei

Repeat after me: you can’t go wrong with Adobe.

Adobe Sensei uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to make it easier for you to deliver the best customer experience.

For starters, it helps you with creatives. Use the tool to edit image and video content in a snap. Then, deliver just the right elements to your target audience.

Adobe Sensei also enables you to deliver personalized marketing. Engage with your target market at just the right time, with just the right headline, and just the right offer.

Of course, the tool also offers analytics. Use its powerful reporting feature to optimize customer experiences, predict behavior, and deliver one-to-one customer experiences.

Are you experiencing budget overruns with your current marketing programs? Adobe Sensei can help with that, too.

The software will enable you to forecast the impacts of different campaigns based on cost. It can also automatically adjust your budget to optimize performance.

Finally, Adobe Sensei enables you to deliver high-quality reports to stakeholders, shareholders, or clients. 

Adobe Analytics

Once more, with feeling: you can’t go wrong with Adobe.

Adobe Analytics empowers you to “mix, match, and analyze data from anywhere in the customer journey.”

It all starts with web analytics. The tool extracts staggering amounts of data from your website and transforms it into actionable insights.

But it doesn’t stop there. Adobe Analytics also extracts data from your marketing channels. It aggregates that data and crunches it to deliver meaningful reports.

There’s more. The tool also uses attribution to show you how an email, video, blog post, or display ad impacted a customer on the way to eventual purchase. 

That’s an invaluable insight if you’re looking to see exactly where you’re getting the most bang for your buck in online marketing.

Finally, Adobe Analytics also offers predictive insights. Use that info to uncover hidden opportunities.


If you’re in the B2B space, you should take a look at Salesforce Pardot.

New marketing technologies: Pardot

As you’ve noticed, Pardot has a great brand name behind it: Salesforce.

Salesforce is to CRM what Adobe is to online marketing.

What does Pardot offer you? Three things.

First, it helps you create meaningful connections. The tool offers a landing page builder and smart forms that you can use to get the ball rolling with potential clients.

Next, Pardot enables you to generate more pipeline. It does that with streamlined lead management and email marketing all under one roof.

Finally, the tool helps you close more sales. It’s got a powerful reporting feature that shows you where your hottest prospects are in the sales cycle.


Here’s another tool for B2B marketing: Demandbase.

It’s designed for account-based marketing (ABM). If you’re unfamiliar with ABM, it’s a marketing strategy that sales reps use to identify and target the most valuable clients.

Demandbase helps you get started with ABM by finding target companies that are interested in what you’re selling. To make that happen, the tool uses a variety of business signals, including firmographic data, corporate culture, product usage, business fit, and budget.

New marketing technologies: Demandbase

Next, the software enables you to pinpoint stakeholders within those targeted accounts. Use that info to send them personalized messages.

Demandbase also helps you deliver a customized web experience to each of your prospects. Adapt headlines, visuals, and overall content to the interests of specific visitors.


MindTickle is a useful tool in spite of its funny name.

What does it do? It helps you train incoming sales reps. 

They can use the knowledge they gained from the tool to go into the field and earn your company more revenue.

MindTickle offers visually rich themes and gamification to keep your new reps engaged with the training process. Then, the tool gives users a quiz just to make sure they understand everything they’ve been taught.

It gets better. The software also trains reps on messaging and pitches. It even shows them how to handle objections.

MindTickle is a great tool to have on hand if you’re frequently training new sales reps.


“Simplify social media marketing operations while fostering affinity and accelerating sales.”

That’s the promise of Khoros, a tool that enables you to launch, manage, and measure social media campaigns. 

It also enables you to scale your social campaigns. That will help you double- or triple-down on what’s working.

Khoros will help you manage social media ads as well as organic posts. 

New marketing technologies: Khoros


Chatbots are all the rage these days. If you’re looking for a chatbot solution that’s specific to Facebook, consider Chatfuel.

According to the company website, 46% of all messenger bots run on Chatfuel. The software’s customer list includes well-known names such as ABC News, TechCrunch, LEGO, and Levi’s.

Clearly, the tool is working well for lots of users.

Chatbots are also a great way to get into marketing automation. Use them to handle routine questions so that you and other members of your team can focus on growing your business.

You can also use Chatfuel to qualify leads.


Tableau isn’t just another reporting tool. It’s a powerful analytics solution that helps you gain actionable insights from the data you’re already harvesting.

Even better, it helps you get that info quickly.

How does it do that? With an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

Tableau even employs an algorithm that spots visual patterns. It will show you those patterns in reports so you can uncover opportunities and learn more about the effectiveness of your campaigns.

And the tool connects to virtually every kind of data source you can imagine: an SQL database, a big data solution, a cloud-based repository, a spreadsheet, and much more.

You can also use Tableau to perform complex calculations, such as statistical summaries, forecasting, and sensitivity analysis.


Looking for a video hosting and publishing platform? If so, then look no further than Brightcove.

For starters, Brightcove supports responsive videos. That means your productions will look great on any platform.

Additionally, you can use the platform to monetize your videos. Brightcove employs dynamic ad insertion to stitch targeted ads into your content on the server side.

That technology, by the way, prevents ad blockers from blocking your ads.

Brightcove also offers detailed reporting so you can adapt your video marketing strategy based on what’s working.


Worried about click fraud? If so, check out DoubleVerify.

Simply put: the tool evaluates the quality of each of your digital media impressions.

Then, it gives you a report so you’ll know if your ads were viewed by real human beings in their entirety in a brand-safe environment.

In other words, if bots are viewing your ads, DoubleVerify will let you know so you can make the proper adjustments.

Use the tool to boost your ROI by eliminating waste in ad spend.

DoubleVerify will also let you know if your ads are running on sites or alongside content that people might find objectionable.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it: 10 tools that you should consider adding to your tech stack.

Fortunately, most of them offer a free trial. So if you saw something that looks like it will work for your business, give it a test drive.

After the trial period, you’ll know enough to decide if it should become a permanent part of your software library.

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