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Complete Review of MeetEdgar (Is It The Right Solution?)

Social media is a bit of a double-edged sword.

Sure, it can work wonders for your business and customer relationships. But fall behind even one day, and you can quickly find yourself on the side of the sword no one wants to be on.

But what if there was a way to take away the sharp edge?

Good news: there is. It’s called MeetEdgar (or if you’re on good terms, just Edgar), and I’m about to introduce you.

Complete Review of MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar Reviews: Overview

At first glance, MeetEdgar may appear to be your average social scheduling tool. And it’s true: MeetEdgar performs all the automation jobs you expect out of software like Hubspot, CoSchedule, Buffer, etc. By that, I mean it allows you to create, schedule, and post content to different social media accounts through one easy interface. These tools generally allow you to hook up multiple accounts, send and respond to messages, and provide comprehensive analytics to help you assess and plan your social strategy going forward. And while all these social tools have their merit, MeetEdgar has the edge. Why? Because unlike many other tools, MeetEdgar shines in its ability to continue publishing posts – even long after you’ve stopped uploading them. When it comes to social media, that’s the dream: a tool that will keep your accounts updated and on track even on the days (or, let’s be honest, weeks) when you fall behind.

Getting Started With MeetEdgar

Getting set up with Edgar is a five-step process.
  1. Add your social media accounts
  2. Add new content
  3. View your library
  4. Create a schedule
  5. Unpause que
So, let’s take it step by step. First up: add your accounts. This part’s pretty straightforward. MeetEdgar allows you to connect to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and add up to 25 social media accounts. So, if you connect to Facebook you can also add your Pages and Groups as separate accounts. Once you’ve connected them, your accounts will appear in your dashboard under the “Accounts” tab. Next, you’ll add your content.

MeetEdgar Reviews: Adding Content

This is the part all MeetEdgar reviews rave about, so pay attention. To get started, you’ll find the Add Content button at the top right of your dashboard. This is where you’ll enter the text, images, videos, or links you want to be included in each post. Then on the left, you can select the individual accounts you would like to post the content. And here’s where it gets really cool: each post you enter will need to b assigned a category. You’ll find the categories under the “Editor” tab, and MeetEdgar comes pre-loaded with six categories:
  1. Inspirational/Funny
  2. My Blog Posts
  3. Promotional
  4. Questions
  5. Tips
  6. Use Once
MeetEdgar Reviews: Choose Your Categories
MeetEdgar Reviews: Choose Your Categories
You can use these as-is, or delete and add your own. Now, it’s important to know that every post you load into Edgar will need to be assigned a category. Which means you need to make sure you’ve spent the time outlining the kinds of content you plan to post, and that each piece of content fits neatly into your categories. This isn’t a bad thing. In the end, it will actually help ensure that you’re scheduling relevant posts that fit your content strategy. The categories you choose will be used to sort and schedule your posts for the future – and pay special attention to the Use Once category. This is reserved for posts you only want to be posted once (think one-time promotions, events, etc.) You can take a look at how your content will appear in real time in the “Preview” tab. This is also where you’ll set your posting schedule. Here, you’ll set the date and time for each post. If you only want it to run for a certain amount of time, you can choose the expire the post at a certain time.
MeetEdgar: Set Your Schedule
MeetEdgar: Set Your Schedule
If you don’t, the post will run when scheduled and be incorporated into your Library for future posting. Another interesting way to add new content is to connect to RSS feeds. To do so, navigate to your Feeds tab and click Add Feed. You’ll be prompted to enter any website, and MeetEdgar will get to work finding its feed. Once found, you can assign the feed to a category. For example, you could label one category “Industry News” or “Related Blogs,” and assign relevant feeds to those categories. From there, you can choose to send the feed content straight to your Library, or put it in your Que for review before posting.

View and Edit Your Library

Once you’ve added a good bit of content, you can view it all in your Library. This lets you view, edit, or delete any updated you’ve made. You can see the full number of updates you’ve added in the number icon next to your Library header. Your Library will also give you an overview of the volume of posts you have entered for each category. In each individual post, you’ll see three buttons in the upper right-hand corner.
MeetEdgar Reviews: View Your Library
MeetEdgar Reviews: View Your Library
The first is your History button. Clicking on this will show you the performance of that post – how many times it was shared and to which social networks (note: this isn’t how many times it’s been shared by your followers, but how many times it’s been shared from Edgar to your accounts). The second is the edit button, where you can edit the text or images included in each post. It’s a good idea to go in and periodically tweak your posts in light of Twitter’s new duplicate content rules. The last button (the X) will delete the post from your library so it won’t be shared again.

MeetEdgar Reviews: Creating a Schedule

Remember why we love MeetEdgar? Because it will post for you long after you stop telling it what to post. But in order for it to do so, you need to give it a schedule to stick to. You do that by creating a general schedule based on the categories you’ve created. To start, navigate to the Schedule tab. This will show you a calendar view with time slots marked for each day. To add content, click “Add Timeslot” in the top right, select your specific day and time, the accounts to send to, and the category to pull from.
MeetEdgar Reviews: Add Time Slots to Your Schedule
MeetEdgar Reviews: Add Time Slots to Your Schedule
From there, you’re set. Edgar will begin posting content at the scheduled times from the categories assigned to that time slot. It will start from the beginning, and once all content from that category has been used, it will start over. That way, you always have content scheduled to be posted at the designated time, regardless of whether you’ve entered new posts into the category. MeetEdgar allows you to add up to 1,000 time slots.

MeetEdgar Reviews: Pricing

As far as pricing, MeetEdgar clocks in firmly in the middle of most social tools. But the good news is that instead of including tiers of pricing plans with varying features (naturally, the more features, the more expensive) MeetEdgar comes with one price. For $49/month, you can connect up to 25 social accounts and enter an unlimited amount of content into your library. And if you’re not satisfied after 30 days, MeetEdgar a full 30-day money back guarantee.

MeetEdgar Reviews: Pro’s

As far as seamless scheduling, it doesn’t get much better than MeetEdgar. Calendar’s are easy to set up, and of course, the best part is that you never run out of content. You don’t have to worry about re-scheduling your blog post to send out multiple times a day or week; MeetEdgar will do it for you. Or if you publish that perfect piece of evergreen content, no need to schedule it to run every few weeks ago. Just assign it the proper category and Edgar will post it for you – at exactly the right time. It’s received rave reviews from the likes of Neil Patel and ProBlogger. Clearly, Edgar’s doing something right.
MeetEdgar Reviews: Add Content to Your Library
MeetEdgar Reviews: Add Content to Your Library

MeetEdgar Reviews: Con’s

Here’s the big one: you can only work with a limited amount of social accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn). This pales in comparison to some other tools, which offer integration with other channels like Google+, Instagram, etc.   The bright side? MeetEdgar has announced plans to include Pinterest and Instagram. When that will start remains to be seen. For some, this isn’t a huge barrier. After all, not many companies have or need all that many social accounts. But for some larger business, the account limitations may be too constricting, and result in them needing another automation tool to keep up. Another con is that you can’t interact through Edgar. If you want to respond to comments, retweet, or share posts to your social network, you’ll have to do that elsewhere. And, as most MeetEdgar reviews will tell you, the platform is lacking in the analytics department. But all’s not lost. It will show you a Statistics page which will pull your posts and the correlating stats from the past 30 days. The feature was in beta for quite some time, but is now completed – and MeetEdgar has promised more additions to its analytics to come. But if you do find yourself in need of access to more in-depth analytics, a more robust social tool may be best for you.

Wrapping up MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar excels at social scheduling. It will keep you on track, and shave hours off your week that would otherwise be dedicated to curating and timing your posts. So if you’re looking for a platform that will keep you on track – and even pick up the slack – of your social accounts, then look no further than MeetEdgar.  

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