TapClicks Review: A Must-Have Marketing Data Operations Platform

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a platform that collects all of your marketing data and produces reports to help you visualize it all in one place? 

TapClicks may be what you’re looking for.

In this blog, I’ll go over TapClicks’ features and pricing. By the end of this TapClicks review, you’ll be able to decide for yourself if this platform is what your business has been searching for.

TapClicks Overview

TapClicks is a great tool for sourcing marketing data and producing a clear visual for your team to analyze. Used by media companies, brands, agencies, and other big businesses, it keeps all your marketing automation and data visualization in one place.

TapClicks boasts a simple set-up. There may be a learning curve, but overall, it seems to be manageable and easy to operate.

The best part about TapClicks is it has over 1,400 integrations. It sources data from a variety of sources. When it comes to data and analytics, it has everything you need to make educated decisions about the next steps of your business.

It is broken down into six sections:

  • tapAnalytics
  • tapReports
  • tapOrders
  • tapWorkflow
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Raven

Each section works together to produce the perfect reports and automation necessary for running your business successfully.

Review: tapAnalytics

According to TapClicks, tapAnalytics will help you take charge of your campaigns. It pulls data from all over the internet and breaks it down into understandable chunks.

Analyzing your data can be overwhelming, but tapAnalytics makes it easier. With the help of data grouping/selection, calculations and custom metrics, and normalizing naming conventions, this section of the platform will help you provide data intelligence, produce visualizations, and uncover trends. These things are necessary for making quality and well-informed decisions about the next steps of your business.

tapAnalytics also allows you to set goals for your business. It will give you a pace campaign to help you track your progress at any point, not just once the goal is reached. It’s a great way to figure out how a project is succeeding before all the hard work is actually completed.

Review: tapReports

With tapReports, you can ‌scale your business through quality relationships and improved client satisfaction. It is a one-stop shop for all of your marketing reports.

The program integrates with all the most popular digital marketing platforms, including TikTok Ads, Facebook Ads, Shopify, Amazon Ads, and more. These integrations will streamline your data collection and processing to easily produce valuable reports.

The best part of tapReports is that it gives you the ability to share your reports and collaborate with your team or clients. Interactive and customizable dashboards ensure ‌everyone is on the same page about which steps to take next.

Review: tapOrders

The third section of TapClicks concerns your ordering process. This platform claims to “let your sales team focus on the sale.”

A simplified and easy-to-use ordering process is key to growing your business and expanding beyond your current company size. When your ordering process is easier, you’ll sell more products and boost your bottom line.

This part of the platform streamlines the ordering process. It provides a simplified order entry and automated marketing product catalog to make confusing and time-consuming ordering processes a thing of the past.


tapOrders also integrates with the most popular invoicing, booking, and payment processing platforms to make sure that your sales team isn’t too tied up with paperwork. This gives them more time to sell your product.

Review: tapWorkflow

tapWorkflow claims to “ignite your fulfillment process” with task and workflow management.

This part of the system will automate and streamline systems and processes. It allows you to automate tasks and easily assign which team members should work on them. Closing sales, ordering products, and collecting invoices will no longer take up your entire day.

Like all the other sections of TapClicks, tapWorkflow is also fully collaborative and transparent. Once set-up, it will work to keep your entire workforce on the same page.

TapClicks Review: Competitive Intelligence

One thing about working in digital marketing or any sort of customer-based business model is that you need to keep track of your competition.

iSpionage is a TapClicks company that makes keeping up with the competition easier. With local impressions, shared insights and user journey reports, you’ll be able to see first-hand how other businesses are doing in your industry.

This platform also improves your marketing efforts by monitoring your competitors’ ad copy and A/B tests to see what is working for them and what isn’t. This will enable you to write and run better ads to attract dream clients.

Review: Raven

The newest member of the TapClicks family is Raven. Raven offers some of the deepest SEO and competitive insights available. 

With Raven’s SEO tools, you’ll be able to uncover your competitors’ ad copy and choice of keywords. Use this information to better position your own copy and content marketing

The insights you learn from Raven will boost your SERP results, helping to grow your business, impress future new clients, and produce gorgeous reports in almost no time.

These reports are all easily shareable, making Raven perfect for businesses with large teams or agencies that manage a variety of different clients.

TapClicks Review: Pricing

All of TapClicks’ different sections are available for one monthly payment. Because the system is so robust, it comes with a fairly hefty price tag. 

The platform starts at $499 a month for the basic package. TapClicks creates customized packages for larger organizations that would require a Pro or Elite account.

However, TapClicks does offer a 14-day free trial for organizations to check out the platform and make a more informed decision on whether it is right for them.

Raven is priced separately, and the tool is more affordable, especially for small businesses. For Raven the pricing looks like this:

A Small Biz account starts at just $39 a month. You will also be eligible for up to a 30% discount when you pay yearly rather than monthly. Raven also offers special enterprise pricing.

TapClicks Review Resources

To learn more about TapClicks, check out this YouTube video. You can also learn more about this valuable tool by visiting the company’s website.

Wrapping Up A TapClicks Review

Overall, TapClicks seems to be an excellent tool for businesses and agencies who want to power forward. It contains everything you need to capture and analyze data.

The insight that you gain through TapClicks will help you scale your business and achieve the level of success that you’re looking for.

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