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Thanks for visiting my website. This website has a lot of history, did you know that? I started the site back in 2009 as Back then, it was really the first place you could find me online. I made the site for fun and to have some basic presence. As I moved from director role to director role, I never really did much with the site. But I knew that one day I would make something out of it. I never really liked the “e” in the middle, so when the new domain name extensions came out I bought them all, eventually settling on .marketing for the new version of the site. So now the new site is live. It is up. What is going to happen next? building traffic on johnlincoln-marketing I’ll tell you. Well now that I have been CEO of Ignite Visibility for 3 years, I feel like it is time. I am going to build this site into something. Over the next 6 months I plan to take the website to thousands of visitors a month. I’ll use the site for lead generation, capturing emails and general exposure. But the best part is, I’ll tell you all about it along the way. So first thing is first, I need to start blogging more. My plan is to get on a schedule of blogging two times per week. The posts will be 1,000 to 3,000 words and focus on what I know best. That being, SEO, social media, CRO, PPC, design and public relations. I’ll give you insight into each one that you can’t find anywhere else. Outside of blogging, I’ll also be optimizing the site, building out social media profile, creating communities, generating backlinks, building relationships with influencers and more. I’ll be doing all the things needed to build traffic to a website. My plan is as follows. Finish the site structure and technical items first. Next, create a keyword strategy for the site and the blog. I’ll be developing an editorial calendar to make sure I stay on track. I’ll also be running a few hundred dollars a month in social media ads. But first thing is first, I need to get the blog going. That will be my number one priority. Now, I have learned a lot about blogging over the years. What I don’t want to do is create a lame, poor quality blog. So I will be investing extra time into posts to make sure I get them right. There is a lot more to come. But for now, keep you eyes peeled for some excellent blog posts to start rolling through. I’ll be doing updates on my progress each month.

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  1. I will join you in the journey. The best part is that you already understand this is not something that happens over night. There are many hours of work to be done at this point and until you put your time in, you are in for a surprise.

  2. When do you really feel that your site is optimized as well as it can be? I struggle with changes that I make and thinking they are not the right ones, but changing them back before I can get any real numbers from them.

  3. Traffic is a huge issue of mine so I look forward to reading everything on this topic. People always assume it is easy but even when you have amazing content, it just doesn’t grow itself over night. You have to plant the seeds, water them, make sure they have sunlight and give them time. Great post!

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