41 Rising Stars in SEO you Should Follow @johnelincoln

41 rising stars in SEO you should follow
41 rising stars in SEO you should follow



One of the best ways to establish yourself as an SEO authority is to connect with other experts. And paying attention to the best in the business is just good strategy. Obviously you want to emulate what those at the top of the SEO game are doing, but it’s also smart to watch the rising stars to stay ahead of trends.

This list has both.

Each of these people has more than 25,000 followers, but that’s definitely not the whole story. They each also tweet regularly and participate in SEO discussions using relevant hashtags. Also worth noting: many of these SEO experts humanize themselves, telling you something about their other career or personal activities in their Twitter bios.

Here are the 41 rising stars in SEO you should follow:

  1. Chris Makara – @ChrisMakara

Interactive Marketing & Digital Strategist. Skilled in #SEO, #SocialMedia & #InteractiveMarketing. Football Fan, #Bacon Lover & Ambidextrous Bowler πŸ™‚

  1. Joachim Rodriguez – @IM_Coaching

Webmaster, Marketer and #SEO Samurai up for a tweet – Digging deep to get you the Nuggets out of all the Online Marketing Noise πŸ˜‰

  1. Dino Gomez – @DinoGomez

Verified Account ~ CEO of Dynamik Internet Marketing. SEO, SEM, & Lead Generation Expert. Basketball fanatic.

  1. Ronald Yau – @RonaldYau

#SEO / #Analytics / #Programmer at @Seamless. Curator of #DigitalMarketing, #Entrepreneurship, & #SelfGrowth. Philomath. Aspiring polymath. Loves #TableTennis

  1. Jeffrey Whitt – @advertyzeme

Managing Partner– Digital Marketing Group, SEO Yogi, Brand Builder, Full Time Nerd, Big Data Hound.

  1. AJ Ghergich – @SEO

SEO & Content Marketing Expert. I Tweet Industry News That Is Actually Worth Reading!

  1. Brian Dean – @Backlinko

Link Building. SEO. Content Marketing. Conversions.

  1. Cyrus Shepard – @CyrusShepard

Founder at Fazillion Media. Passionate about human-focused SEO, content, and higher rankings. Previously Director of Audience Development @Moz

  1. Matt Roberts – @1PwnNoobs

AdInfusion | SEO Rainmaker I Overachiever I Dreamer

  1. Greg Weir – @gregweir

The best in Digital Marketing, eTraining, SEO, SEM and Social Media Marketing. Paying it forward when I can. (http://t.co/m2QsYWeOru)Β Head of SEO and Digital Marketing at Datadial.

We all know who the big guys are when it comes to SEO, but don't overlook the rising stars
We all know who the big guys are when it comes to SEO, but don’t overlook the rising stars.

11. Matt Sawyer – @mattuk


London and Surrey based social media junkie. Part time blogger full time

  1. Mike Glover – @Inbound_Mike

Digital Marketing Strategist Tweeting about Inbound Marketing & SEO | Content & #SocialMedia Mgr @ECPIUniversity | Hubspot #InboundMarketing Certified

  1. Jim Turner – @jim_turner

Copywriter, Author, Social Media Marketing Strategist, SEO Copywriter, Attraction Marketing

  1. Brandon Doyle – @TravelinTweeter

I love my family, bologna, oreos, marketing, travel, TV, wallaroos, SEO, startups, sports, & stocks. Founder of @wallaroomedia –http://t.co/MoDAyz06UK

  1. Anthony Johnson – @AnthonyJohns0n

Im just a #Geek who has been doing Digital Marketing for 12c years or so, giving free #seo and #socialmedia advice to #business. Ask me, it’s free! #BNI Member.

  1. Brandon Moore – @brandomoore

Web & Digital Director @Sales_Hub SEO enthusiast, cinephile, photoshop junkie, inbound marketer, hell-bent on turning your website into your greatest sales tool

  1. Aleyda Solis – @aleyda

International SEO Consultant & Keynote Speaker. @Orainti Founder. @sengineland Columnist. @Moz & @stateofdigital Blogger. Digital nomad. Building @Remotersnet.

  1. Ian Lurie – @portentint

CEO of Portent. Speaker. Marketer. SEO. I blog athttp://t.co/7VjBUL8kcH. I tweet marketing & news 5-8 times/day. Randomness, more often.

  1. Pravin Shivarkar – @pravinsindia

Head Online Marketing at http://t.co/YIU1InWE0U, Media, SEO, SEM/PPC, Social Media, Display, Mobile, Apps, RTB, Affiliates, Blog, Influencer with Common Sense

  1. Peter Drew – @peteinoz

The Web’s Premier SEO automation platform, Ranking your website has never been easier!http://t.co/3y9Zq4jSPq

  1. Yu Lin Shen – @Okenjica

Leading Digital Marketing Expert Turned Entrepreneur – Coaching SEO, SEM, PPC, SMO, SMM, Accessibility, UX & ,etc. | Motivated & Passionate Zen Vegan

  1. Wil Reynolds – @wilreynolds

I help people find stuff on the Internet. Serial Underdog @seerinteractive, I am whatever you say I am.


Paying attention to the rising stars of SEO can help you cut through the noise
Paying attention to the rising stars of SEO can help you cut through the noise.

23. Amy Mottershead – @AmyMottershead


Senior SEO & Social Media Account Manager @BrightPigSEO! Loving life in SUNNY Manchester! I enjoy helping Small Businesses! #SBShttp://t.co/4wYWUBxYFu

  1. Bonnie Burns – @Burnsie_SEO

SEO is not my job, it is my CAREER. 15 yrs experience sitting on my butt optimizing the digital world. Web Optimization & Social Networking

  1. Lukasz Zelezny – @LukaszZelezny

Conference Speaker, Head of Organic @uSwitchUK, Author #SEO PPC & Social Media,Traveler (UK,Far East,Scandinavia) Whisky Fan, #DrumAndBass Producer @DeeJayDelta

  1. Uzzal Hossain – @uzzalhossain153

Uzzal Hossain is a #SocialMedia #SocialSelling #DigitalMarketing #AffiliateMarketing #SEO #CPA #PinterestMarketing professional who loves #Blogging #Networking

  1. Dr. Pete Meyers – @dr_pete

Marketing Scientist at Moz (http://t.co/5epTIby8ju). Mad Hatter of MozCast (http://t.co/csx1uSe3CQ).

  1. Gregory Smith – @GregrySmith

Gregory Smith is different from your average Search Marketing professional. Gregory has an unhealthy passion for SEO, Local SEO and Internet Marketing.

  1. Andy Beal – @AndyBeal

CEO of @Trackur, @RepRefinery & auth of Repped: 30 Days to a Better Online Reputation. P/T travel photographer & serve on the @RaleighRescue BOD.

  1. Allan Pollett – @allanp73

Toronto SEO guru, internet marketing specialist & web business developer.

  1. Nick Stamoulis – @NickStamoulis

Nick Stamoulis is President & Founder of Boston SEO firm, https://t.co/iRoA3V7Op7 @BrickMarketing and Owner of https://t.co/sBfsFzu5Vc @GreekBoston

  1. Matt McGee – @mattmcgee

Editor-in-Chief at @MarketingLand & @SEngineLand, founder of @atu2 and @GlassAlmanac, Christian, husband, dad, etc. (Smell the flowers while you can.)

  1. Ralf Schwoebel – @orgaralf

Coding for a better web since 1995 – The truth about eCommerce, databases, SEO, StartUp, Apps and Javascript: German and English!

  1. Preston Howell – @prestonhowell

Creative mastermind and marketing entrepreneur living life to the fullest one day at a time.

  1. Josepf Haslam – @Josepf

Josepf Haslam is Senior Director of #SocialSEO | Digital Strategy, Digital Consulting, Training, Workshops: http://t.co/xr915BZi5n http://t.co/YWQpyCJPZs

  1. Scott Dickson – @SHDickson

Web Consulting, Analytics, SEO, Social Media, Blogger, Speaker, Published Author, Musician. I like loud guitars.

  1. Chuck Aikens – @chuckaikens

CEO @V9SEO 16 Year Search Marketing Vet. Pretend Scratch Golfer.

  1. Lisa Barone – @LisaBarone

VP of Strategy at @Overit, a digital agency Redefining Creative through motion graphics, development, design, SEO/PPC, PR, content & social. lisa@overit.com

  1. Guru Beth Anne – @GuruBethAnne

Inbound Marketing Genius. Love life and it will love you back. #SEO I help businesses rank better online. Ask me how I can help you!

  1. Mike Morgan – @meetmikemorgan

SEO and social media obsessive, blogger, Director of High Profile Enterprises and coffee, wine, food, music and beach fan!

  1. Will Critchlow – @willcritchlow

I run Distilled, enjoy cooking, playing basketball and drinking whisky (in nearly any order)

Have you run across any great new SEO stars on social media I missed here? Let me know in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “41 Rising Stars in SEO you Should Follow @johnelincoln”

  1. Awesome. SEO can be so difficult to learn to begin with and then with all of the changes, you really have to keep up on what you are doing to benefit. Now that I can tap into these resources at any time, I feel more confident that I can do the right thing when it comes to SEO.

  2. Matt Cutts for sure. If you want to learn anything from an SEO standpoint and how it relates to Google Search, he is your guy.

  3. Rand really puts out the content on Twitter. I really like following him. Who do you think is a great compliment to his Twitter account?

  4. Holy cow what a list! I am going to be reading up on these people. I love this. You focus so much on giving back to other marketers and workers that it really shows you have a passion in your heart. Keep this up! You are an inspiration!

  5. Excellent list. I have followed most of these, however I find that much of the information that they share is duplicated between them. I would like to narrow down the list to 5 or 10, what would you recommend?

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