An Introduction to SEO Copywriting

An Introduction to SEO Copywriting

Even if you don’t notice it, you can find carefully curated copy everywhere you look. From the emails you read to the back of your shampoo bottle, copy is everywhere!

What you may also not realize is the work that goes into crafting the perfect copy. There is a strategy and science behind every piece of writing.

In this article, we’ll answer the following questions:

What is Copywriting?

There are two types of writing in the online space: copywriting and content writing. While often confused, these two types of writing, while both important, are very different.

Content writing is writing that is meant to attract leads and create connections with your audience. Things like articles, website content, and email newsletters are examples of content writing. This type of content usually educates or informs but doesn’t exist solely to drive the reader to take a specific action.

Copywriting, however, has a clear-cut goal in mind. Using persuasive language and the psychology of persuasion, copywriting is meant to influence the reader to take a particular action — click a link, register for an event, buy a product, schedule a consultation, join a group, etc.

Content Writing vs. Copywriting
Content Writing vs. Copywriting

All of the sales emails and advertisements you see on social media are examples of copywriting. While they educate consumers and create brand awareness, their main point of existence is to drive the reader to take action.

SEO copywriting takes it to the next level. SEO copywriting combines copy that aims to persuade a consumer while intertwining an SEO strategy that will ensure the copy ranks highly in search results. A strong SEO strategy helps to ensure that the right eyes will land on your expertly crafted copy.

What Do Copywriters Do?

Simply put, copywriters are the professional writers who craft the text you see on products and in advertisements and promotional materials. Copywriters are constantly improving and adding to their skills through education and practice.

Once considered to be expert wordsmiths, copywriters have grown to be so much more. A well-experienced copywriter knows how to create copy that will grab the attention of his or her audience while persuading them to take action on the product or service the copy is written about. They understand the psychology behind using words to influence different target audiences.

In addition to being efficient communicators, copywriters also have to be excellent researchers. Every brand and audience is different so it is very likely that copywriters will have to perform research on the industry and audience before sitting down to write so that they know what types of words, phrases, and tone will resonate with their intended audience.

Copywriters can also repurpose content. Taking a look at copy that performed well on a certain platform, they can use that knowledge to repurpose the content into another form. For example, they may see that copy they wrote performed really well in a blog post so they would repurpose it to use it in an email marketing campaign.

These trained and experienced writers take the facts of a business and use their clear and concise words and phrases to explain why this product or service is the best in its industry and why the potential customers need it right now. In essence, an excellent copywriter is one of the most valuable, and most efficient, tools in a business’s marketing toolbox.

Why is SEO Copywriting Important?

As mentioned above, copywriting can make or break a business. Bad copywriting not only impacts a brand’s reputation but also its SEO ranking. If a business cannot obtain and keep a good SEO ranking, less traffic will be generated for the content. That means fewer people will even get the chance to see it, let alone read and be persuaded by it.

While search engine algorithms are constantly changing, good content and backlinking have always remained two important factors when it comes to where a website falls in the SEO ranks. Both of these factors can be dominated through good, strategic SEO copywriting.

When a business produces quality, optimized content, the algorithms will enjoy it, as will its consumers. This leads to more quality backlinks — which boosts the ranking with the algorithm but also increases the business’s authority with its audience. It’s a win-win situation!

When preparing to write a piece of SEO copy, it is important to remember that quality is key. Quality content provides your reader with value of some sort. A well-organized and informative piece of copy is much more valuable than regurgitated, sloppy content. Taking the time to put together an outline and to understand the psychology behind the writing will only increase the return on investment.

Quality SEO copy contains certain keywords that are relevant to the industry the piece is being written for. Take into consideration what types of things people are typing into the search box when they’re looking for the product or service the copy is being written for. A copywriter or business owner can also use a variety of online tools and platforms to do keyword research. The writer will want to include those keywords in his or her writing to ensure that the algorithm picks up on them when it is indexing the copy.

Be careful of keyword stuffing, however. The last thing a writer wants to do is trade quality for keywords while writing. A good writer knows how to work keywords into their writing naturally. This helps the piece to flow and read well while also being indexable by the search engine algorithms.

How Does SEO Copywriting Work?

SEO copywriting is at the heart of every brand. Every single successful brand on Earth utilizes copywriting to get its message across and out to the public.

Through a robust vocabulary and a clear understanding of the psychology of human persuasion, copywriters use words to reflect the brand voice. They establish the brand’s standing in a, sometimes crowded, marketplace.

With the help of online SEO tools and research, they also keep up on the latest trends and keywords in each industry to ensure that the copy they’re crafting ends up in front of the right audience.

Copywriters are responsible for brand building and product selling. Carefully crafted copy not only sells products and services but it also establishes a brand identity. Now more than ever, consumers want to know the story and values behind a brand and its leadership team. Copywriters help to establish those values and tell that story.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, copywriting is everywhere but a good and effective copywriter may be harder to find.

Anyone can put words on a page but not everyone can use those words to persuade others to buy a product, click a link, schedule a consultation, or register for an event. This is why a growing business needs a gifted and qualified copywriter.

John Lincoln, CEO, and co-founder of Ignite Visibility is an expert on copywriting and digital marketing. Through his years in marketing, he has grown Ignite Visibility to become a leader in the industry while also becoming one of the top digital marketing consultants in the country and joining the teaching staff at UC San Diego.

To continue to learn more about the ever-changing world of digital marketing, be sure to follow John on Instagram, where he posts free digital marketing classes and weekly digital marketing news.

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