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Local SEO with Uberall: Complete Review

Local SEO with Uberall: Complete Review

Competition in the fast-food industry is ferocious. That’s why the folks at KFC knew they needed to improve the online visibility of the company’s 920 locations across the UK and Ireland.

So they turned to Uberall, a reputation management and local listing optimization solution.

KFC used the tool to address problems such as incorrect restaurant hours, partial addresses, and an overall lack of online exposure.

After working with Uberall, the company’s online listings grew by almost 50,000. The results were spectacular:

  • 60% increase in clicks on directions
  • 42% better than expected organic growth
  • 16% increase in revenue from local search
  • 37:1 return on investment

That’s the kind of benefit your business can enjoy with Uberall as well.

In this review, I’ll cover Uberall’s features and benefits. I’ll also go over the tool’s pros and cons.

What Is Uberall?

Uberall is a comprehensive Local SEO toolset that includes solutions for reputation management, location marketing services, and management of real-time store data.


The cloud-based software includes several products:

  • Control Center – Manages location data, marketing campaigns, and reviews across more than 125 platforms.
  • Listings – Expands your visibility online by listing your business in directories, maps, and social channels that you aren’t currently using.
  • Engage – Improves your online reputation by streamlining review engagements.
  • Locator + Pages – Attracts more foot traffic to your store with optimized location pages on your website.

In the next few sections, I’ll cover the solutions offered by Uberall.

Listings Management

Uberall enables you to optimize the online presence of all your locations so that your business shows up at the top of the local search results.

For starters, the tool helps you generate consistent location data on all platforms. That’s more important than you might realize.

If your business data is inconsistent, you’ll have trouble snagging a top spot in search.

Uberall local listings management

Additionally, Uberall helps you ensure that your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) is correct on all listings. That’s especially helpful if your business operates in multiple locations.

But the tool optimizes more than just NAP. It will also ensure consistent, correct data that helps improve customer experience.

Consider store hours. If your local listing says that your store opens at 8AM but really doesn’t open until 9AM, you’ll irritate customers who arrive between 8AM and 9AM.

That’s not good for business.

Uberall also gives you a single source of truth for all location data so you can easily make updates and review individual listings for correct info.

The tool maintains all your location details on Bing, Google, Yelp, Google Maps, Facebook, and Instagram plus 125 other platforms.

Reputation Management

Customer reviews are the lifeblood of your business. Plenty of consumers check reviews online before they decide to make a purchase. If they don’t like what they read, they’ll move on to another business.

Beyond that, customer reviews also act as ranking signals. The better your reviews, the more likely you’ll land a top spot in search.

That’s why you need a tool like Uberall to help you manage your online reputation.

For starters, the tool monitors the way people are chatting about your business on multiple platforms. Then, it shares the results so you can take appropriate action.

Additionally, Uberall also manages reputations for multiple locations. Use that info to highlight location-specific issues and make the necessary changes.

Online Brand Protection

Is there inaccurate information about your brand online? If so, you can correct it easily with Uberall.

Your business will suffer if a potential customer sees an outdated logo or duplicate listing before you do. But if you’re managing dozens of locations with distinct offerings, it’s tedious to go through all that data manually and clean it up.

That’s where Uberall shines. The tool will scour various platforms and identify inconsistencies that can hurt your image. In fact, it will eliminate duplicate entries and correct online mentions about your brand on several platforms.

Additionally, Uberall will help you spot problems that spring up early so you can nip them in the bud.

For example, if customers complain online that your staff in Detroit seems overworked, you might later see similar comments about staff in Lansing. By that time, your business reputation has already taken a hit.

Uberall will show you what people are saying about your business early on. That helps you see which challenges you need to face right away.

Voice Search Optimization

People don’t just use a keyboard or keypad to find info about local businesses any more. They use voice search as well.

Good news: Uberall helps you optimize your business for voice search.

Uberall voice search

That will enable you to get ahead of competitors who don’t have the foresight to prepare their websites ready for smart speaker searches.

You’ll also improve service to potential customers. If one of them asks about the hours for your store in Lansing, they’ll get a correct answer.

Local SEO

If your customers are out and about and they’re using their smartphones to get info about your business, they want it right then and there. That’s why you need to ensure that your business is optimized for local search.

Uberall’s Marketing Cloud enables you to optimize your various sites for local search with listings and citations on the apps that people in your market use to find businesses.

Also, if you’re managing hundreds or even thousands of locations, the tool will make it easy for you to optimize all your stores from one convenient platform.

Data Cleansing

Uberall boasts that it cleans up 99.99% of problematic data. That gives you peace of mind knowing that the tool (and support folks) are taking care of your online info so you can focus on building your business.

Even better: the platform empowers you to update data instantly from a single source of truth in real-time.

How can you harness that kind of power to boost your business? As an example, you could use it to adjust holiday hours for dozens of locations at the same time.


How much does Uberall cost? That depends.

The company website says that it will put together a pricing structure based on the needs of your business. You’ll also find that the more locations you have, the more you pay.

The best thing to do is to request a demo. After the demo, the sales rep will talk to you about the features you’re looking for and give you a ballpark estimate.

Pros & Cons

The Uberall customer list includes well-known businesses such as KFC, Mono, Silktide, Ionos, and some company called Ignite Visibility.

People who use Uberall have a few things to say about their experience.

Uberall client testimonials

I’ll share the pros and cons here.

First, the pros:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Ability to create custom pages with a builder
  • Easy to roll out changes
  • Fast overviews of every kind of statistical data
  • Simple to set up
  • Big time-saver

Next, the cons:

  • Sometimes, the real-time tool works on a delayed schedule
  • You may experience problems connecting Google My Business Entries with the software
  • Need multiple accounts to get multiple bills
  • Pricing might be steep if you’re dealing with several locations
  • You may need to make bulk changes with Excel

Wrapping It Up

So should you or shouldn’t you? If you’re running a local business with multiple locations and want to maintain consistent, correct info across all those locations, Uberall can save you lots of time.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take a shot in the dark. Schedule a demo with a sales rep so you can get an idea about what the tool can do for your business. Then, decide if it’s right for you.

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