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Complete Review of Siteimprove

SiteImprove Review

Looking for an all-in-one tool that will help boost brand visibility online? If so, then you should check out Siteimprove.

It offers quite a bit more than many of the comprehensive tools I’ve reviewed in the past, though. It’s possible that Siteimprove represents the next generation of digital marketing software.

In addition to the usual portfolio of services that other tools offer, Siteimprove also helps with data privacy, quality assurance, and website accessibility.

It even automates tasks and saves you time.

In a nutshell: Siteimprove is what happens when marketing automation meets website optimization.

Want to learn more? In this review, I’ll go over the Siteimprove feature set. I’ll also cover the tool’s pros and cons.

Improving Accessibility

Is your website optimized for people with vision problems? For senior citizens? For folks with cognitive disabilities?

If the answer to any of those questions is “no” or “I don’t know” then Siteimprove is here to help.

Siteimprove offers an automated testing tool that will crawl all over your website to find accessibility issues. Afterward, it will deliver a report that breaks those issues down into manageable tasks.

The tool also provides you with a historical graph that you can use to demonstrate that you’re on the right track to producing a website that’s accessible to all people.

Siteimprove also “scores” your website for accessibility. That will tell you how much work you still need to do to get your site up to speed for all types of visitors.

Do you have a large site? No problem, the tool can simultaneously test hundreds of thousands of pages. 

You can also configure the scan to prioritize the parts of your site that you think are most important.

Simply put: many other tools don’t offer this feature. It’s a strong selling point in Siteimprove’s favor.

All-in-One SEO Tool

Here’s another great selling point: one of the tools in Siteimprove is its all-in-one SEO tool.

Usually, when I write about Swiss Army Knife solutions, they offer a one-stop-shop for SEO needs and that’s it. But in this case, the comprehensive SEO tool is just one feature of the software. 

What’s not to love about that?

Here’s what you get with the Siteimprove SEO tool:

  • On-page diagnosis – Evaluate your on-site SEO with 70+ checkpoints separated into four categories: user experience, mobile, content, and technical.
  • Backlink analysis – See which sites are passing you the link juice you need to earn a top spot in the search engine results pages (SERPs).
  • SEO scores – View your overall SEO performance at a glance with dashboards.
  • Duplicate content finder – Check for content you’re hosting that’s a little too similar to other content online.
  • Search engine analytics – See visitor info by engagement, countries, and other categories.
  • Keyword insights – Learn about keywords you can use to draw people to your website. Identify low-hanging fruit, long tail keywords, and high impact search terms.

Siteimprove also enables you to put together activity plans that will help you monitor and track your optimization efforts.

SiteImprove offers an on-page diagnostics report

Deep Insights

You can use tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics to get a broad overview of how well you’re doing with SEO. Siteimprove gives you more detailed insights.

For starters, you can produce reports that gather only the metrics that are most important to you. That way, you’ll see if specific strategies are bearing fruit.

Beyond that, though, the tool empowers you to create a conversion path so you can spot the weak spots in your sales funnel.

Siteimprove also provides you with behavior maps that will identify where visitors are spending the most time on your site. Those are probably the spots where you want to put calls to action or important info.

The tool also lets you get your feedback directly from visitors. On-page survey boxes will tell you what people are looking for on your site.

Data Privacy

Are you collecting user data? You’d better keep it safe.

Siteimprove Data Privacy helps with that by automating how you manage your website’s personal data.

The tool provides an IP and Domain Map that will show you the geographic regions where you handle data. You can also see all the cookies you’re tracking with the Cookie Tracker. 

Siteimprove even lets you scan through customer or prospect user data with its Personal Data Inventory feature. That tool gives you the opportunity to quickly gather email addresses, ID numbers, names, and more.

And here’s where the software really shines: you can use it to stay compliant with prevailing regulations. For example, it helps you stay compliant with GDPR.

Let’s say someone from the EU requests that your site “forget” him or her. It’s a snap to delete that person’s info with Siteimprove.

Even better: you can use the tool to demonstrate your compliance efforts to pesky regulators.

SiteImprove has an IP and domain map to help with data privacy

Quality Assurance

At first blush, the Quality Assurance component of Siteimprove looks like a standard SEO web crawler such as Screaming Frog. It’s quite a bit more than that, though.

While the tool will crawl your website to identify broken links and other SEO issues, you’ll get a report that gives you much more info than you’ll see with other services.

For starters, it will identify old or irrelevant content. That will be your cue to update those blog posts.

Siteimprove will also let you know if you’re using outdated branding or wording.

The tool will also assess your content in terms of readability. If any of your articles are too dense or hard to comprehend, you’ll get a notification to that effect.

Finally: Siteimprove is also a spell-checker!

Ad Improvement

You’re probably not relying solely on organic traffic to build brand-name awareness. You’re more than likely also running Google Ads.

Siteimprove can help you optimize those ads. 

The tool will give you a prioritized list of conversion blockers on your landing pages. You can even integrate the ad tool with Siteimprove Analytics Heat Maps to determine where visitors are spending most of their time on your landing pages.

Next, Siteimprove helps you optimize your ad budget by showing which campaigns are paying off and which ones are dogs. Double-down on top-performing ads and eliminate waste.

The software even gives you a Quality Score analysis. Use that to determine where you might be missing out on valuable clicks.

SiteImprove comes with a quality score analysis to improve paid search ads

Performance Improvement

“Make Your Website Faster.”

That’s the promise of Siteimprove and it offers a performance improvement tool to help you do just that.

As the website says: “Speed is the new website currency.” If you don’t load your pages quickly, you’ll suffer in rank.

Even worse: people who do visit your website might just bounce away to a competitor because they’re frustrated with the long load time.

Siteimprove will monitor your site speed from the perspective of multiple visitor profiles so you can see how quickly people are seeing your web pages.

The tool will also provide detailed reports that show you site speed based on a visitor’s network speed and location.

Siteimprove goes deeper than most SEO tools when it comes to evaluating page load times, though. It will also show you how long it takes people to engage with your site. 

The tool also compares your engagement time against industry standards. Use that info to see how well you stack up against competitors.

Pros and Cons of SiteImprove

Lots of digital strategists are using Siteimprove. Let’s go over the pros and cons of the tool based on their online reviews.

First, the pros:

  • UI is extremely intuitive
  • Easy to streamline processes with the reporting feature
  • Accessibility is helpful in identifying violations and issues
  • Provides easy-to-follow directions on how to fix problems
  • Dashboard offers a bird’s-eye view of where the site is at
  • Shows exactly where on the page there’s an issue
  • Behavior tracking helps optimize landing pages

Next, the cons:

  • No pricing guide on the website
  • Long wait time between site crawls and scoring
  • Reports include repeated errors
  • Sometimes misses broken links
  • Too many navigation paths to get from one place to another within the app
  • May be a bit of a steep learning curve for some folks

Wrapping It Up

Should you or shouldn’t you? That’s a question too difficult to answer in this space.

Your best bet: get a free demo of the software. Then, you can determine if it’s right for your business.

Keep in mind: Siteimprove doesn’t post pricing info on its website. That means one thing: it’s expensive.

However, if it can help you maximize your reach, it might be worth the investment.

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