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Complete Optimizely Review For CRO

Vitamix faced a challenge. The blender manufacturer’s website saw an 80% shopping cart abandonment rate. That’s unacceptable in any industry. The company turned to Optimizely for a solution. Vitamix used the tool to add a mini-cart to its website so [...]

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Complete SpyFu Review For SEO and SEM

How would you like to learn how your competitors are attracting organic and paid traffic? If so, then you should check out SpyFu. In this SpyFu review, I’ll go over the features of the tool. I’ll also explain its pros [...]

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Complete Review of Sumo (SumoMe) – How It Works

“The Easiest Way to Turn Your Visitors Into E-commerce Customers.” That’s the promise of Sumo, formerly known as SumoMe. But does it live up to that hype? In this Sumo review, I’ll answer that question. What Is Sumo? Sumo isn’t [...]

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Review of Moat – A Great Tool For the Modern Advertiser

How would you like to be certain that your online ads are making impressions in front of actual human beings instead of bots? Even better: wouldn’t it be great if you could determine whether or not your ads are having [...]

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Complete BrightEdge Review (Is It Right For You?)

How would you like a comprehensive digital marketing toolset that handles keyword analysis, rank tracing, technical SEO, content marketing, backlink analysis, and customer experience optimization? If so, then check out BrightEdge. BrightEdge includes a powerful artificial intelligence (AI) component that [...]

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Complete Review of IFTTT (What A Cool Tool!)

IFTTT Review - If This, Then That Review! How would you like to automatically wish your friends a happy birthday on Facebook? Add songs from your favorite YouTube videos to a Spotify playlist? Receive an email when the forecast is [...]

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Complete Review of InfusionSoft For Marketing

Considering InfusionSoft? This InfusionSoft review is exactly what you need. In either case, I’m here to help. In this article, I’ll go over Infusionsoft and cover its pros and cons. What Is Infusionsoft? Infusionsoft is more than a single tool. It’s [...]

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Complete Review of Leadpages (What You Should Know)

“Turn clicks into customers.” That’s the promise of Leadpages, a landing page builder. But does it live up to the hype? In this article, I’ll answer that question. Leadpages Review: An Overview Leadpages creates landing pages and popups that help [...]

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26 Simple Contest Ideas To Boost Social Engagement

Looking for a way to boost engagement on social media? Consider running a contest. Here are 26 contest ideas that will help you drive engagement on social media. When you run a contest, you’re giving people the opportunity to earn [...]

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How to Write Email Subject Lines That Draw Clicks

The whole don’t judge a book by its cover adage doesn’t always add up - especially when it comes to emails and their covers: subject lines. In fact, 47% of email recipients decide whether or not to open an email [...]

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12 Top Podcast Tools To Help You Become Famous Faster

Are you using a podcast to promote your brand? If so, then you need the right podcast tools. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of great podcast tools to help you create a first-class audio. Here are some of the best. You [...]

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Crazy Egg vs. HotJar Review: Which Tool Is Better?

If you’re serious about conversion rate optimization (CRO), then you need to know where people are focusing their attention when they visit your website. That’s why you should use a heatmap tool. Fortunately, there are two great options on the [...]

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