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Bouncex Review, Good For Ecommerce CRO?

“Market to people, not cookies.”

That’s the headline you’ll read when you visit the home page of Bouncex, a behavioral marketing and analytics software company.

Is the software as good as it claims? Read on to find out.

The folks at Bouncex (or Bounce Exchange) recognize that your online strategy faces two immediate challenges:

  • Most of the visits to your website are anonymous
  • If you don’t know who your visitors are, you can’t market to them

The company solves the first problem so that you can get to work on the second problem.

Bouncex is an especially ideal solution if you’re an ecommerce webmaster. That’s because the platform builds complete profiles of your customers so you can send them tailor-made marketing messages that promote the products they’re most likely to buy.

Don’t take my word for it. Jay Nigrelli, VP of Ecommerce at Samsonite, says that Bouncex is a top-three marketing channel for his company.

How BounceX Works

Bouncex uses proprietary technology that identifies, on average, 40% of your web traffic.

Sure, that doesn’t seem like a whole lot. But if you’re not using anything like BounceX right now, then it’s probably 40% more traffic than you’re currently identifying.

BouneX helps identify your web traffic. Image courtesy of BounceX
BouneX helps identify your web traffic. Image courtesy of BounceX

Once your customers are identified, BounceX enables you to personalize their visits.

Please note: your customers don’t have to login to have a personalized experience. That’s one of the advantages of the platform.

Beyond that, Bouncex uses intent indicators. Those are actions visitors take on your site that offer insight into what they want to do (for example, make a purchase).

Armed with those indicators, you can employ some marketing automation to close the sale on high-intent shoppers.

Alas, though. Your soft-close attempts won’t always work. Some people will leave your site without buying anything.

No worries. Bouncex will provide you with their email addresses so you can nurture them further down the sales funnel with a drip campaign.

Next, let’s look at each of the Bouncex features in more detail.

Identity Retrieval with BounceX Ecommerce CRO

How does BounceX identify visitors?

Well, obviously the company leadership isn’t giving everything away. They are dropping a few clues, though.

For example, the Bouncex website says that its technology uses device identification. That’s likely to be especially successful with mobile users.

Also: “Where traditional technology fails, BounceX Identity persists to bring you a unified view of your audience allowing you to form real connections with your known visitors.”

Further, BounceX maintains a database of 500 million devices and 100 million anonymized emails. It uses that info to help you identify visitors as well.

Triggered Emails

BounceX claims to be the top performing abandonment email solution on the planet.

That might be the case because many visitors who click away from your site without making a purchase will get identified by the platform.

Then, you can target those folks with high-performing abandonment emails. According to Bouncex, you’ll have the opportunity to target almost eight times as many abandoning visitors as you would without its solution.

Bouncex also enables you to achieve full-funnel targeting.

How does it do that? By identifying visitors who abandoned your site at the category, product, or cart level.

Once you have that info, compose your email marketing message accordingly.

Further, Bouncex also lets you reel in the big ones that got away. As much as six months later, you can send targeted emails to people alerting them that a product has dropped in price or that it’s back in stock.

Website Personalization With BounceX Ecommerce CRO

Consumers love it when they think you’re talking directly to them rather than just marketing to the masses. That’s why Bouncex delivers a personalized user experience on your website.

According to the company: “Our website personalization solution analyzes both high-intent and low-intent behaviors in real-time to automate dynamic on-site messaging.”

What does that do for you? It increases same-session conversions from customers who are ready to buy. It also captures email addresses from people who aren’t.

BounceX offers website personalization. Image courtesy of BounceX
BounceX offers website personalization. Image courtesy of BounceX

It’s also worth noting that the Bouncex personalization effort happens in real time. Once the page load ends, that’s when the platform’s technology kicks in.

Your website will instantly adapt as visitor intent changes.

Additionally, Bouncex enables website personalization to pick up exactly where it left off. In other words, if a user abandons the site and comes back later, the marketing message will stay the same.

That kind of consistency will boost sales.

Full Service Ecommerce CRO

With Bouncex, you don’t just get a high-tech platform. You’ll also have access to a dedicated team of professionals who assist with your strategy and help you succeed.

In other words, you’re not “going it alone” when you sign on with the service.

The Bouncex customer success team includes analysts, marketing strategists, engineers, and designers. They’re committed to helping you boost your bottom line.

Beyond that, the company will also introduce you to successful marketers familiar with your industry. They’ll help you get the most out of the Bouncex platform.

BounceX Case Studies

Now let’s look at a how a few ecommerce companies are using Bouncex.

First up is international shoe retailer Clarks. It’s a direct-to-consumer company that specializes leans heavily on email marketing.

Clarks used Bouncex to increase the relevance and reach of triggered emails. The company also relied on the platform to improve the cross-channel experience of customers.

End results:

  • Increased site ID traffic by 32%
  • Boosted traffic from abandonment emails by 13x
  • Lifted triggered email revenue by 5.5x

Another Bouncex success story is Transamerican Autoparts. Specifically, the company used Bouncex to target shoppers higher in the sales funnel.

Why? Because when people arrive on an auto parts website, they’re typically just doing comparison shopping. They’re looking for the lowest price.

Transamerican Autoparts wanted to go after the tirekickers.

Thanks to assistance from Bouncex, Transamerican Autoparts was able to:

  • Boost ROAS by 11.5x
  • Increase overall revenue by 4.5%
  • Capture 31,000 emails per month on average

Saatchi Art is another company that saw improvement with Bouncex. That’s significant because fine art retailers have a very unique customer base and high average order value.

Even with those challenges, though, Bouncex helped Saatchi Art:

  • Increase email list subscribers by 8% month-over-month
  • Drive a 10% lift in web traffic via email marketing
  • Leverage a new source of digital revenue

What They’re Saying

There are lots of people using Bouncex and they have plenty to say about the platform. Let’s look at both the good and the bad.

First, the good:

  • Offers human consulting in addition to a digital platform
  • Runs in the cloud so you don’t have to install any software
  • Great for reaching out to people who abandon the shopping cart
  • Cutting-edge technology that helps optimize digital marketing
  • Customized to fit the design of the website

Next, the bad:

  • No insight into the behaviors the platform uses to surface personalized emails
  • Very expensive

Notice that online reviewers don’t have a whole lot of bad things to say about the platform. That’s significant.

Bouncex has a very happy customer base.

BounceX Ecommerce CRO: Pricing

You might have noticed that the last one of those negative points above is that Bouncex is very expensive. But just how expensive is it?

Well, the company doesn’t have a pricing page on the website. That should tell you something immediately.

However, the talk around the web is that you can expect to spend around $10,000 per month if you want to invest in Bouncex.

Of course, that means you’ll need a business that generates sufficient revenue to make that a worthwhile investment.

Simply put: Bouncex isn’t for small businesses. It’s an enterprise solution.

For small business owners, It’s probably best to start with an exit-intent popup solution like OptinMonster.

Wrapping Up BounceX Ecommerce CRO

If you’re running a multi-million dollar ecommerce business and looking to take your digital marketing to the next level, you should absolutely consider using Bouncex. Like many other large companies that use the product, you’ll likely find it gives you a positive ROI.

Unlike many other digital marketing tools, it doesn’t appear that Bouncex offers a free trial period. However, you can request a demo.

Be sure to do that before you sign on with the service. That’s how you’ll know if it’s right for you.

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