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Review of ContentStudio: Can It Streamline and Enhance Your Content Marketing

Review of ContentStudio: Can it Streamline and Enhance Your Content Marketing

How would you like to streamline your content marketing? If so, then check out ContentStudio.

Simply put, ContentStudio is a comprehensive content discovery and publication tool. It also offers a reporting component so you can track analytics.

And, to top it all off, the tool even enables you to handle customer service via social media.

In this review, I’ll go over all the features of ContentStudio so you can determine if it’s right for your business.

Content Discovery

First up, let’s look at the content discovery component.

Have you ever had writer’s block? Ever been unsure about what kind of content people in your target market would like to read?

If so, then you’ll love ContentSudio’s content discovery feature.

It’s a listening engine that crawls all over the web and finds the best content for your niche.

Although it’s powered by artificial intelligence (AI), it doesn’t force you to rely on the tool’s algorithms. You can set up complex queries to find the very best articles and blog posts from all over the web.

You can even use ContentStudio to identify the hottest topics in your domain right now.

The tool will also generate captions (or pull quotes) from other sources that you can embed in your own content.

In short, the content discovery feature will save you hours of Googling.

Influencer Discovery

You can use ContentStudio to identify key social media influencers in your industry.

Although strategists widely consider Instagram the “hot spot” when it comes to finding influencers, the tool will also identify key players on Twitter and YouTube.

Review of ContentStudio: Influencer Discovery

ContentStudio also highlights important analytics about each identified influencer’s audience, including:

  • Demographics
  • Engagement stats
  • Niche

Once you’ve found influencers who you think will resonate with your target audience, you can reach out to them.

RSS Feed Reader

Most of the blogs that pique your interest probably use some type of a real-time syndication (RSS) feed. ContentStudio allows you to aggregate and monitor your favorite feeds all in one place.

Use those feeds to find inspiration for your content calendar.

Further, the tool also enables you to share content on social media channels directly from  RSS feeds. Just add your own commentary and share the content on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram.

If you’re a speed-reader who follows dozens of feeds, you’ll be glad to learn that ContentStudio handles bulk uploads of feeds. Just create an OPML file and import all your feeds at once!

Finally, the tool also enables you to create feed groups so you can browse similar feeds together.

RSS Feed Reader

Content Insights

“Reverse engineer the success story behind any topic or domain.”

That’s the promise of ContentStudio. The tool fulfills that promise by highlighting data that shows you what’s working well with your content strategy.

ContentStudio uses AI and sophisticated data analysis to bring you only the most useful actionable insights.

The tool will show you which is your most engaging social network. Use that info to determine where you should double-down on your social strategy.

Next, ContentStudio will also highlight your top-performing content types. Maybe you’ll find that video resonates better with your audience than infographics. If that’s the case, then you know you need to produce more video content.

The tool also provides you with sentiment analysis. Use it to get a read on the overall sentiment about a specific topic.

More than that, ContentStudio will also show you which day of the week is best to publish and promote your articles.

The tool will also show you the top domains and authors for a specific topic. That kind of insight will identify the people you should imitate in your own content strategy.

Further, ContentStudio will also analyze the lengths of your blog posts and show you how well your content is performing by word count.


ContentStudio also offers its own WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor. It’s similar to the editor you’ve seen in WordPress.

Use it to write formatted content, add photos, and embed videos. The tool even allows you to search for royalty-free multimedia content.

And what about SEO? Yep, ContentStudio will also help with SEO.

It does that with a score that’s updated in real time. If you find your score slipping, make adjustments to your content so it’s more likely to get a higher rank in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Do you have an audience that speaks a different language? If so, then you should use ContentStudio’s translation feature. It supports all languages.

The tool even integrates with various “spinner” services.

If you’re unfamiliar with spinners, they’re tools that rewrite articles on-the-fly so you don’t get dinged for duplicate content. They’re often used by black-hat practitioners.

Just keep in mind that spinners often produce content that’s filled with (often hilarious) grammatical errors. You’re usually better off just rewriting the article yourself.

Further, ContentStudio also supports drip-feed publishing. Use that to publish your content to a blog, then share it on other blog channels, then share it on social media, and so on.

The tool will also handle adding the canonical tag to your content so you don’t have to worry about duplicate content issues.

But ContentStudio doesn’t just help with producing content for blogs, it also helps you with producing content for social media channels.

Review of ContentStudio: Composer

You can customize posts on a per-network basis, improve your reach with post recycling, and even allow the tool to publish your content at a time when it’s most likely to receive the highest level of engagement.

And yes, ContentStudio also integrates with some of the most popular link shortening tools, including Bitly, Google, and Replug.


Do you have a content calendar? If not, then ContentStudio can help you set one up.

A content calendar is important because it ensures you always have a healthy dose of content on the ready for your website. Without a content calendar, your marketing efforts could fall flat.

ContentStudio helps you create a content calendar with a UI that (surprisingly) looks just like a calendar. Just do the point-and-click thing to specify the article or blog post that you want released on a specific date.

The tool also enables you to work with a list view instead of a calendar view, if that’s how you roll.

You can also use the content calendar to find upcoming content quickly and easily. Just filter or sort based on account, label, team member’s name, status, or post type.


ContentStudio includes a “set and forget” post scheduling feature. Use that to automatically publish content from your content calendar.

Set And Forget Post Scheduling

You can let the tool create the optimal posting time based on its own algorithm or you can specify a custom schedule by choosing the best dates and times for publication.

Social Media Analytics

ContentStudio doesn’t just streamline your content workflow. It also offers insights that you can use to make important decisions.

It does that with a social media analytics report. Use that report to identify your top-performing posts, total engagement, audience growth, and more.

You can even beautify your reports so that they’re presentable to your clients. And yes, the reports are brandable.

Additionally, ContentStudio offers automated reports that get sent to your clients periodically.

The tool supports social media analytics for Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Social Inbox

ContentStudio offers a social inbox that enables you to practice customer service on multiple channels from just a single interface.

Effectively, this feature acts as a help desk application. It tracks social media conversations like the more robust solutions track tickets.

In addition to conversation tracking, Content Studio will also notify you via email when there are messages and comments on your social channels.

As of now, the tool supports interactions on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.


How much does ContentStudio cost? Well, that depends on how much you want to get out of it.

If you’re looking for a simple solution that supports no more than 10 social media accounts and a single blog, that will set you back $49 per month.

However, if you’ve got 50 blogs you need to support, then be prepared to spend $299 per month.

There are various levels of service between those two extremes as well.

Review of ContentStudio: Pricing

As a rule of thumb, though, it’s best to start small just to make sure that the tool is right for you. You can always sign on to a more comprehensive plan later on.

Wrapping It Up

Like many other tools of its kind, ContentStudio offers a free trial. That trial lasts two weeks.

But that’s plenty of time to get busy with the tool and determine if it’s suitable for your goals.

If you’d like to take your content marketing strategy to the next level, why not give ContentStudio a test drive today?

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