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ConvertKit Review: Helping Creators Earn A Living Online

ConvertKit Review
ConvertKit Review: Helping Creators Earn a Living Online

“Everything you need to earn a living online.”

That’s the promise of ConvertKit, an email marketing solution.

It’s a tool that gives you the freedom to spend more time on creating and less time on digital marketing.

That’s because ConvertKit takes care of all the “digital” stuff for you. It helps you with landing pages, lead forms, ecommerce, and email automation.

In this ConvertKit review, I’ll take a deep dive into the product’s features. I’ll also explain its pricing structure so you can determine if it’s right for your business.

ConvertKit Review: Email Marketing

In this part of the ConvertKit review, I’ll go over how the tool helps you with email marketing.

For starters, ConvertKit helps you send beautiful emails. That’s because the service comes jam-packed with email templates that you can modify to suit your brand.

And you can modify those templates to your heart’s content.

Change the color scheme, font, verbiage, call-to-action (CTA) buttons, and more.

Better yet: you can do all of that with the aid of a drag-and-drop UI.

However, if you’re a propeller-head who likes to get your hands dirty with code, the tool will enable you to add custom HTML to the email design.

Also, ConvertKit will keep your emails out of the spam folder. According to the company website, the service boasts of a 98% delivery rate and a great reputation with email providers.

In other words, ConvertKit doesn’t devote its services to spammers.

So you can be sure that your emails will end up in the Inbox and not that dreaded Promotions tab that every marketer hates.

ConvertKit Review: Deliverability
ConvertKit Review: Deliverability

You can also use the tool to create a segmented email list. That’s because ConvertKit offers a filter that enables you to whittle down your list to a specific audience.

Additionally, ConvertKit enables you to tag your subscribers so you can send highly targeted content to people who share the same tag.

Even better: the tool automates the tagging process. It will automatically tag people who click on specific links in your emails.

Once you’ve determined the recipients, you can send your email right away or schedule it for later.

And yeah, ConvertKit also lets you perform A/B or split testing. Just change one item in the email (for example, the subject line) and send out a limited number of each email option to people in your market segment.

Then, take a look at the stats. If Subject A outperforms Subject B, use Subject A for the rest of the emails in that campaign.

Finally, ConvertKit also offers a powerful reporting component that shows you email stats such as open rates, click rates, total emails sent, average open rate, and more.

You’ll also get plenty of graphs so you can visualize the data quickly.

Subscriber Graph & Stats
ConvertKit Review: Subscriber Graph & Stats

Landing Pages that Work on Any Device

In this part of the ConvertKit review, I’ll explain how the tool helps you produce landing pages that get conversions.

If you’re running online ads, you obviously want to take prospective customers to a slick landing page when they click on one of your ads. ConvertKit enables you to create an eye-catching web page in just minutes.

How does it do that? Once again, with the aid of templates.

Just pick a template that matches your industry or style and roll with it.

As with the email templates, you can modify the landing page templates to suit your brand and marketing message.

And you don’t need to know how to do any coding.

The tool also integrates with Unsplash, the stock image repository. Those stock images are offered for free, by the way.

Finally, ConvertKit templates are responsive. That means they look great on any device, whether it’s a smartphone, laptop, tablet, or phablet.

ConvertKit Examples of Free Landing Pages
ConvertKit Examples of Free Landing Pages

ConvertKit Review: Ecommerce

In this part of the ConvertKit review, I’ll cover how the tool helps you sell digital products.

All it takes is three easy steps:

Earn on ConvertKit
3 Easy Steps to Earn on ConvertKit

You can easily handle that “add your product details” step because the tool gives you a easy-to-follow UI that walks you through the process.

By the way, you aren’t limited to digital products like e-books with ConvertKit. You can sell subscriptions as well.

Additionally, the tool lets you sell newsletters, presets, coaching, and music.

Also, ConvertKit enables you to create professionally designed product detail pages with call-to-action buttons.

Create Unlimited Email Sign-Up Forms

In this part of the ConvertKit review, I’ll explain how the tool makes it easy to create online sign-up forms that get conversions.

As the folks at ConvertKit like to say: “Every journey has a starting point. For your customers, it all starts with your sign-up forms.”

If you want to grow your email distribution list, you’ll need to get more subscribers. And if you want more subscribers, you need to let people know about your email list and give them a reason to subscribe.

You can do that with the aid of email sign-up forms.

ConvertKit lets you create unlimited sign-up forms from professional templates and customize them to suit your own marketing purposes.

And you’re also not restricted on the kind of lead gen form you want, either. You can create an inline, slide-in, or pop-up form.

Further, ConvertKit also offers templates designed specifically for giveaways. So if you want to offer a freebie in exchange for a person’s email address, the tool already has a prepackaged design ready to go.

Also, if you prefer to go the “double opt-in” route, ConvertKit enables you to do that with just the flip of a switch.

Email Sign-Up Forms
ConvertKit Options for Email Sign-Up Forms

Automation Pipelines Available with ConvertKit

ConvertKit lets you create powerful email automation pipelines that will help you land more customers.

Just set the rules for the pipeline. Then, customize a subscriber’s path based on actions.

Once that’s done, let ConvertKit do all the heavy lifting.

It will send emails out over days or weeks as you see fit. The service will wait for the appropriate triggers and send out the correct follow-up emails based on actions taken by specific subscribers.

You get a drip campaign for free with ConvertKit.

The automation rules are simple. The UI is user-friendly. And the conditions are easy to understand.

ConvertKit: Email Marketing Automation
ConvertKit: Email Marketing Automation Drip Content

Convert Kit: Pricing Review

You can get started with ConvertKit at a great price: free.

For that very low price, you can manage up to 1,000 subscribers with unlimited landing pages and forms.

If you want automated funnels and sequences, though, you’ll need to fork over $29 per month. And you’re still limited to 1,000 subscribers at that rate.

If you want subscriber scoring and advanced reporting, that’s going to set you back $59 per month.

But still: 1,000 subscribers.

If you’ve got a massive email list that’s got tens of thousands of subscribers, you’re looking at spending hundreds of dollars per month for the service.

ConvertKit Review of Pricing Model
ConvertKit Review of Pricing Model

Wrapping Up Our ConvertKit Review

That’s it: a complete review of ConvertKit.

If you’re in need of an email marketing solution, why not give the service a test drive with the free option? That’s going to give you plenty of time and information about whether it’s right for your brand.

Then, if it looks good, sign on.

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