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Complete Conductor SEO Review

Looking for a tool that will help you produce content optimized for your target market? If so, then consider Conductor.

In this Conductor review, I’ll go over the benefits of the platform. I’ll also explain its pros and cons.

Complete Conductor SEO Review Conductor is more than just a tool. When you sign on with the service, you’ll get a partnership as well. The folks at Conductor will work with you to create a content strategy that’s designed to outshine your competitors, keep your web pages at the top of the search results, and reel in paying customers.

Why Conductor?

Let’s start by answering the important question: why? There are plenty of other tools on the market. Why should you choose Conductor? For starters, the company offers support 24 hours per day, 7 days a week. You might have trouble getting that quality of customer service from the cheapest keyword research tool you found on Google. Not only that, but the Conductor team will help you develop and reach your business goals. The company will also work with you to create milestones for each step of your journey to success. Next, the Conductor platform is created by customers and for customers. It’s a business-focused application designed to help you succeed. Conductor also has a reporting component. That will help you accomplish two very important tasks:
  • Show you where your content strategy is succeeding
  • Enable you to convince stakeholders to invest in strategies with the best returns
The company also attracts amazing talent. That’s probably because Conductor has been rated the best place to work 7 years in a row. That benefits you because people who love their jobs are more likely to go the extra mile in terms of customer service. Engineers will work overtime to give you an extra feature you requested. Support reps will stay on the phone as long as necessary to make sure your problem gets resolved. Finally, Conductor also plays nicely with some of your favorite tools, including SEMRush, DeepCrawl, and Dragon Metrics. That kind of integration gives you a single point of contact to actionable insights.
Conductor SEO review: features
Conductor SEO review: features

Conductor SEO Review: Why Not Conductor?

After reading the previous section, you might thinking to yourself: “Sold!” Not so fast. Simply put, Conductor isn’t for every business. It’s an enterprise-class solution. What does that mean? In simple terms: it means that Conductor is expensive. In fact, you’d be hard-pressed to find a price quote online for Conductor. If you want to know how much it costs, you’ll have to reach out to a sales rep. The bottom line: if you’re running a small business or cash-strapped startup, you’ll probably want to look for another content marketing solution. Conductor is probably going to be too costly.

The Features

If you made it this far, you’re probably still considering Conductor as a content marketing solution. In that case, you’ll want to know a little bit more about the product’s feature set. In the next several sections, I’ll explain how the Conductor platform can benefit your business.

Conductor SEO Review: Attract an Audience With the Right Content

Conductor helps you bring qualified leads to your website. It does that with a number of tools. First, it offers audience insights. You’ll learn about the different trends and topics that are likely to get you clicks in the search engine results pages (SERPs). That way, you can create content that drives revenue. Next, Conductor enables you to spy on competitors. It will show you what they’re doing to attract business and how you can snatch customers away from them. Additionally, the platform helps you improve your online visibility. You’ll see reports that track keywords by market share, region, device, and more.
Conductor SEO review: Content
Conductor SEO review: Content

Optimize Content to Maximize Reach

Of course, it’s not good enough to know what kind of content you need to produce. You also need to optimize that content so it reaches the top of the search results. Conductor helps you do that, too. First, it enables you to analyze content performance. You can see which pages are contributing to revenue, how visible your articles are in the SERPs, and which types of personas are visiting your site. Conductor will even show you the entire customer journey from a content marketing perspective. Next, the platform will send you alerts when search demand for your keywords changes. That way, you can adjust your content strategy to make sure that your content always ranks at the top. Finally, Conductor assists with on-site SEO as well.

Generate Reports That Highlight Successful Strategies

The folks at Conductor realize that no marketer is an island. You need to convince management that your strategies are bearing fruit. Fortunately, Conductor offers a rich reporting feature that enables you to do just that. Even better: your reports are completely customizable. You can show off whatever info you think is most likely to get you buy-in from stakeholders. For example, you can produce reports that answer key questions like:
  • Which search terms put our organization in the answer box?
  • How is our content performing in local markets?
  • Are we gaining more traffic over time?
  • Which content is driving the highest quality traffic over time?
  • Should we prioritize blog or video content?
  • How is our content performing on mobile?
Conductor goes beyond simple bar graphs and pie charts to show your team how organic search results are generating sales. Conductor also makes it easy to share reports. That can give a morale boost to team members who see how their day-to-day work is helping the company succeed.

Conductor SEO Review: Intelligent SEO Insights Help You Maximize Online Visibility

When it comes to SEO, Conductor believes in sharing insights, not just data. If you sign on with the platform, you won’t just have access to the industry’s largest keyword database, you’ll also have the opportunity to browse Conductor’s customer intent data. That’s how you’ll understand which types of content will resonate with people in your target market. The platform also acts as a rank checker. You can see how your site is performing based on keywords used in search. Additionally, Conductor gives you the ability to segment your content. That way, you can see which segments are fueling business growth and which need more attention.
Conductor SEO review: SEO
Conductor SEO review: SEO

How Companies Are Using Conductor

Conductor has plenty of satisfied customers. Take Tipalti, for example. When Rob Israch joined that company, he wasn’t just the CMO. He was the first marketer that Tipalti had ever hired. But he was a smart marketer. He knew that building out a great team was the key to success for Tipalti’s global payables automation system. Israch had a limited budget, though. He couldn’t afford to hire a full-time SEO pro. Enter Conductor. Israch used the company as a managed services solution. The Conductor team developed a keyword strategy, migrated the Tipalti website to HTTPS, and set the stage for an eventual full-time SEO professional. Of course, Conductor also used its own platform to generate a content marketing strategy. The results speak for themselves. Tipalti saw a 280% rise in page one rankings. Website organic traffic also increased by 61%.
Conductor SEO review: Customer results
Conductor SEO review: Customer results
Aetnahealth also turned to Conductor for help. The company needed to fill its sales funnel with high-quality leads from organic search results. In this case, the company integrated the Conductor platform with DeepCrawl, a website crawler and auditor. Aetnahealth used Conductor to:
  • Create content relevant to people in its target market
  • Monitor competitors and outrank them in the SERPs
  • Report successes back to stakeholders
Aetnahealth used DeepCrawl to:
  • Monitor and improve website health
  • Test content before publishing it
  • Streamline website redesigns and migrations
It was another case study in success. Aetnahealth saw traffic increase by 96%. Overall bookings went up as well. Char-Broil also scored a big win with Conductor. That company was looking to engage with potential customers using content marketing. With the assistance of the Conductor platform, Char-Broil’s marketing team created an editorial calendar that included high-demand topics and search terms. Even better: the company was able to walk people through the entire customer journey with a content-driven strategy. And here’s how it all turned out:
  • 110% year-over-year increase in organic traffic
  • Annual traffic goals exceeded by a factor of 6
  • How-to content now gets more traffic than the home page

Conductor SEO Review: The Pros and Cons

As with any other tool you’ll find, Conductor has its pluses and minuses. Here are what some folks are reporting as the pros and cons of the platform. First, the pros:
  • A comprehensive platform with multiple tools
  • Top-notch customer service
  • Onboarding team very helpful
  • Huge amount of data available
  • Outstanding insights on keywords
  • Content recommendations show where websites can be improved
  • Shows rank in terms of answer boxes, image results, local packs, carousels, etc.
  • Ability to spy on competitors
  • Easy to automate reporting to your inbox
Now, the cons:
  • Platform is huge, sometimes difficult to find what you’re looking for
  • Data is tracked/presented on a weekly basis only
  • Process of associating keywords with URLs is tedious
  • Training is required
  • Charge incurred for every type of keyword used, even if you have the same keyword for mobile, desktop, and multiple geos
  • Lacks a backlinks tool

Wrapping Up This Conductor SEO Review

You should absolutely request a demo of Conductor if your company has the means to pay for top-notch service. Like so many other businesses, you’ll likely find that it meets your content marketing needs.

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