The Ultimate Guide to PPC Campaigns: How Does PPC Work?

How Does PPC Work

As valuable as organic brand discovery is, there’s no denying that paid ads play a major part in promoting your business. Better yet, PPC is more effective at getting new eyes and leads fast. So, how does PPC work, and what are all the moving parts in pay-per-click marketing? What We’ll Cover: An Overview of […]

What is Marketing Attribution? (And Why You Should Care)

Marketing Attribution

You may have heard or read about “attribution” for digital marketing. But what does it mean? In this guide, I’ll answer that question. More importantly, though, I’ll explain how you can use marketing attribution to maximize your revenue stream. Marketing Attribution: The Definition Attribution, simply put, is the process of associating a metric with a […]

Tips for TikTok Marketing: How to Get More Followers

TikTok is on the rise right now. In fact, it’s the #1 downloaded app in the world. If you’re interested in promoting your brand on TikTok, you’ll need to adopt some contemporary TikTok marketing strategies. In this guide, I’ll share a few. Start using them and you’ll get more positive reviews, more likes, and more […]

Why You Should Be Running Ads on CTV

Looking for a new advertising channel? If so, consider CTV. With CTV advertising, you can reach people who stream content on their television sets. And you might reach audiences that you wouldn’t otherwise. Better yet, you could even reach folks that your competitors haven’t. In this guide, I’ll go over CTV, talk about how to […]

How to Use Programmatic Ads & DSP to Reach New Customers

If you’ve been in digital marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably come across the phrase “programmatic ads” at some point. And you’ve probably also read the acronym “DSP,” which stands for demand side platform. But what do they mean? And how do they help you reach people in your target market? For the […]

How to Use Cybersecurity to Protect Your Company

If you’re running a digital marketing company, then you’re doing a lot of work online. And all that exposure on the Internet leaves your IT infrastructure open to attacks. It’s not just your own data that’s at risk, though. You could expose your clients to attacks as well. Fortunately, you can harden your systems with […]

Why You Need Video SEO for Your Marketing

Along with other types of SEO, video SEO is crucial for digital marketing efforts. Platforms like YouTube need content creators to optimize their videos to stand out. Through the use of video SEO and video marketing, you’ll be able to support other SEO efforts. Why Video SEO? There are several reasons you should use video […]

What is Google Tag Manager?

If you use multiple tools to collect tracking info for your website, then you’re probably doing a lot of copying and pasting. As in, you’re copying snippets of JavaScript or HTML code from a tool site and pasting them into your website’s header. And maybe that’s okay. For now. But what happens when you manage […]

Everything You Need to Know About Online Ads

Today, businesses need online advertising to thrive, regardless of their industry. Online ads will help you connect with audiences, gain their trust, and win their business. You might be new to online advertising. As a result, you may be uncertain about which to use. In this guide to online advertising, we’ll review everything you need […]

Off-Page SEO Manual: Tips to Boost Your Rankings

SEO has the chance to make or break any website. However, you will fall behind if you’re not optimizing for both on-page and off-page SEO. With the right SEO strategies in place, you’ll gear your website for success in the long term. You might be familiar with specific on-page SEO tasks, but what are some […]

Native Advertising: Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever heard of native advertising? You’ve been exposed to the term even if you don’t recognize the term. According to eMarketer, 62.7% of all US display ad spend in 2019 went toward native advertising. That means it’s used for a lot of campaigns! So what is it? And why are so many brands […]

SEO Audit: Expert Advice To Complete Your Own Audit

SEO Audit

If your website traffic isn’t what you want, you may need a search engine optimization (SEO) audit. A general and technical SEO audit can help gauge your website’s SEO performance. You can further optimize your website based on the information you glean from this audit. While you might benefit from an SEO audit, you might […]