Why You Need Video SEO for Your Marketing

Along with other types of SEO, video SEO is crucial for digital marketing efforts. Platforms like YouTube need content creators to optimize their videos to stand out. Through the use of video SEO and video marketing, you’ll be able to support other SEO efforts. Why Video SEO? There are several reasons you should use video […]

How to Grow on YouTube: 10 Strategies for Any Channel

How to Grow on YouTube: 10 Strategies for Any Channel

Often referred to as the world’s “second largest search engine,” YouTube gives creators a chance to get their content seen by over 1 billion people. But with 400 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, you may have noticed that your channel isn’t getting the viewership it deserves. Let’s change that. Today, we’re sharing […]

What is YouTube Keyword Research? Do I Need it?

What is YouTube Keyword Research? Do I Need it?

In this post, I’m going to show you how to maximize your video marketing potential by performing effective YouTube keyword research. If you’re wondering what YouTube keywords are, why they’re important, and how you can use them to optimize your videos, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s get started. What We’ll Cover: YouTube Statistics […]

Complete TubeBuddy Review For YouTube

Complete TubeBuddy Review

Are you spending too much time managing your YouTube channel, optimizing videos for search, and reaching out to channel subscribers? If so, then you should check out TubeBuddy. In this article, I’ll go over all of TubeBuddy’s features. I’ll also cover the pros and cons identified by current users. TubeBuddy is a Chrome extension that’s […]

YouTube’s New Rules for External Linking in Videos

Youtube's new rules for external linking in videos

If you’re using YouTube, you’ll want to pay attention to this. The video platform recently announced new rules regarding how user’s link to outside websites. The new set-up has been met with mixed reviews, leaving some skeptical of the site’s intentions. Below I’ll cover what exactly has changed and how it may affect you. The […]