John Lincoln

Books: Advolution

Advolution: How to Build a Systematic, Self-Improving, and Future-Proof Digital Marketing Program

 The future of the web comes down to two things: who can put the best digital marketing strategy in place and who can convert the most traffic for less.

The tools, practices, and laws surrounding digital marketing are constantly changing. Some companies have learned to navigate this complex web legally, ethically, and effectively—but many have not.

Advolution offers a conceptual framework for successful online advertising based on tested practices compiled over thousands of advertising campaigns. Digital marketing expert John Lincoln helps you to develop an executive-level knowledge of how to approach digital marketing and teaches you how to identify and avoid the most common pitfalls that marketers face today.

Learn where the advertising industry is headed and the hot-button issues surrounding it, as well as the mindsets and practices necessary for advertising in a way that is not only correct and ethical but also sustainable and good for your business.

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