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Review of demio: Cloud-Based Webinars Built for Business

Review of demio
Review of demio: Cloud-Based Webinars Built for Business Growth

Complete Review of demio

Amy Jo Brennan earns her living as a casting, auditioning, and career expert for actors. She built her whole business using webinars.

But she struggled to find just the right webinar platform. She tried various options but they all fell short in some way.

In many cases, the webinar platforms failed and she ended up going with “Plan B” just to keep her clients happy.

Then a friend told her about demio, a cloud-based webinar solution.

Brennan tried it and she loved it.

“The great thing was that even the few minor things that were lacking were not flaws with the program, they were simply features that hadn’t been added yet (by the way, new features continue to be added all the time — including most of the things I had asked about),” she says. “The program itself just WORKS. I’ve found the support and development team incredibly responsive and open to suggestions, too.”

Now Brennan uses demio for paid professional-level webinars, free webinars, and webinars for people in her membership program.

And you can use demio for your business as well.

demio Review: In the Cloud

As I alluded to in the beginning of this demio review, it’s a cloud-based solution.

That means you don’t have to download anything. You run it from the same web browser you’re using to read this article.

Another cool benefit of cloud-based software: you don’t have to install updates periodically. That’s all handled on the server-side.

So demio offers a complete webinar solution that’s 100% remote.

demio Supports Different Types of Webinars

In this part of the demio review, I’ll explain how the tool supports different types of webinar formats.

Simply put: there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to offering webinars. Different business models require different types.

And some business models require multiple types.

That’s why demio supports these different event formats:

  • Live – A standard live presentation with high-definition streaming.
  • Series – A group of live, scheduled sessions.
  • Hybrid – A combination of live streaming and pre-recorded videos
  • Automated – A pre-recorded presentation that you can run while you’re out playing golf
  • On-Demand – A pre-recorded presentation that viewers can watch at their convenience

So no matter what kind of webinar you’re into, demio likely supports it.

demio Review
demio Review: Events for Every Type of Campaign

Review of demio From The User-Experience

In this part of the demio review, I’ll explain how it makes your life easier. More importantly, though, it also offers a great user experience for your attendees.

For starters, the service allows people to join with just a single click. They also don’t need to download any software.

And, just like you, they can use their favorite browsers to enter your webinar.

Here’s a list of browsers that work with demio:

  • Google Chrome
  • Apple Safari
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

You can also run it on both Apple and Android mobile platforms.

Review of demio
Review of demio: Browser & Device Support

According to the folks at demio, it’s 25 times faster to join a webinar by just clicking a button than it is to download and install software first.

“Trust us, we tested it,” the website says.

Further, the demio user interface is intuitive. It won’t take your attendees long to figure out how to handle the basics (volume control, picture size, etc.).

You can also apply your own branding to your webinar. demio enables you to put your logo on all event materials.

Speaking of materials, you can upload your materials (whether they’re documents, presentation slides, or videos) directly from demio.

The Workflow

Here’s the basic workflow when you launch a new webinar with demio:

  • Create a registration process – Choose from a variety of page templates. Produce an eye-catching landing page in minutes. Also create a “thank you” page.
  • Collect info from registrants – Add custom fields to your registration form that will help you gather information about people in your target market.
  • Embed the form anywhere – Use one of demio’s multiple embed options to put the webinar registration form on a website or landing page.
  • Send email notifications – Automate your email workflow with notifications that remind registrants about your upcoming webinar.
  • Manage contacts – Export contacts into a CSV file. Use that file to import them into your favorite CRM solution.

Then, finally, launch your webinar!

demio Review of Creating Engagement

You’ll want to keep participants active during your demio webinar. Fortunately, the platform makes that easy with multiple options:

  • Interactive polls – Ask your audience a question with a poll. Keep the results hidden or share them with attendees.
  • Calls to action – Link your audience to an offer or sign-up page.
  • Handouts – Share branded handouts with attendees. You can also use this feature to share gifts and bonuses.
  • Q&A – Organize and answer questions in real-time.
  • Chat – Interact with your audience using private or public chat. Use @ mentions to get somebody’s attention.
  • Open stage – Give webcam or microphone permissions to any of the attendees. Let them take over while you take a break.
Review of demio
Review of demio: Launch Offer and CTA Example

Make Money While You Sleep

You can download and reshare your webinars as often as you like. That means people can join your webinars while you’re doing other things. Even sleeping.

For starters, demio automatically records your webinars in HD. The recordings are stored in the very popular MP4 format.

Additionally, the platform hosts your recording on a well-designed page. Just share the URL of the page with anybody who couldn’t make it to your live presentation.

But you can also customize that page as you see fit. You can even include a call to action that suits your color scheme.

demio Review
demio Review: Tools to download and share recordings

Review of demio Analytics

Like most digital marketing platforms, demio offers a healthy assortment of analytics so you can determine if you’re getting the most out of your webinars.

The tool tracks registrations as you promote your upcoming event. If you’ve set a goal for a specific number of attendees, you can use that info to see if you’re on your way to meeting that goal.

Further, demio also tells you how people watched your webinar, how they engaged with your content, and when they lost focus and started dropping off.

Finally, you can export the reports and import the files into whatever third-party tools you’re using to crunch the numbers.

demio Review
demio Review: Example Analytics


The demio webinar solution offers three pricing plans.

The Starter plan, at $34 per month, limits you to 50 attendees and a 3-hour session.

The Growth plan, at $69 per month, limits you to 150 attendees and a 5-hour session. But it also offers automated events, custom form fields, and the branding I mentioned earlier.

The Business plan, at $163 per month, limits you to 500 attendees and an 8-hour session. But you’ll also get a dedicated account rep and Marketo integration.

Wrapping It Up

There you have it: a complete review of demio.

Like many other digital marketing solutions, demio lets you get started for free. So you don’t have to believe a word the company says about its platform.

Just take it for a test drive.

Then, if you like what you see, sign on with the service.

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