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Complete Review of Searchmetrics

Complete review of Searchmetrics

Looking for a marketing platform that offers competitive insights, advanced analytics, mobile SEO, and market analysis? If so, then you should check out Searchmetrics.

It’s a solution with a customer base that includes well known brands such as eBay, Nivia, Lufthansa, and Tobi.

Nivea, for example, used Searchmetrics to increase SEO visibility by more than 200%.

That’s the kind of benefit that the platform can bring to your business as well.

In this review, I’ll go over the Searchmetrics feature set. Then, I’ll list the tool’s pros and cons so you’ll know if it’s right for your business.

The Four Modules

The Searchmetrics suite consists of four products:

  • Research Cloud – Evaluates competitors as well as your overall market. Gives you insights about peers in your industry at the domain, subdomain, directory and even URL levels. Identifies keywords that can reel in visitors and land you more loyal customers.
  • Content Experience – Helps you deliver content that resonates with people in your target market. Highlights topics that transform curious visitors into brand evangelists. Compares your content strategy with your competitor’s content strategy.
  • Search Experience – Gives insights about your search traffic and how it influences your revenue. Monitors your most valuable keywords by device, location, and search engine. Helps you structure your search strategy based on market segments and product categories. Provides detailed reports so you can monitor your progress.
  • Site Experience – Assists with on-site optimization. Identifies errors and other issues that affect your bottom line. Learn about risks and opportunities you haven’t yet noticed.

In the next several sections, I’ll cover the entire Searchmetrics feature set.

Visibility Guard

Visibility Guard lives up to its name. It’s a feature that protects your web pages from expensive losses in terms of traffic and conversions.

Technical errors cost you money. Broken links, images with bad URLs, and buggy JavaScript code chase people away from your website and to a competitor.

If you have a huge website, though, it’s way too time-consuming to manually check every single page.

That’s where Visibility Guard steps in. It highlights technical errors on your site that could adversely impact your bottom line.

Specifically, the tool identifies:

  • Redirection errors
  • Server-side errors
  • Meta noindex
  • Meta nofollow
  • X-Robots noindex
  • X-Robots nofollow
  • Canonical issues

All of those types of problems can limit your visibility in search. Unless you detect and correct them.

Additionally, Visibility Guard sends you alerts when it finds something wrong. You won’t have to manually run a report every day.

On top of that, the tool will also identify your most important SEO pages by value. Use that info to double-down on what’s already working for you.

Visibility Guard will protect anywhere from 250 to 10,000 pages on your site.

Content Performance

Hopefully, you’re using content marketing to boost your search presence and demonstrate that you’re an authority in your domain. Searchmetrics helps you optimize your content strategy with a holistic approach to competitive analysis, keyword research, and search analytics..

Content Performance uses Research Cloud to offer insights on how your competitors are bringing in traffic. You can also use the tool to compare metrics between a URL on your site and a similar URL on another site.

Searchmetrics Research Cloud

Also, Searchmetrics will evaluate the quality of your landing pages. Use that info to identify missing keywords and improve overall content quality.

The tool will also show you where you have overlaps in your content strategy. Eliminate that duplicate content to avoid cannibalization.

Content Performance also highlights topics that will resonate with your audience. Move beyond simplistic keywords stuffing and find subjects that folks in your target market will love to read about.

Finally, the tool also assigns a financial value to the keywords you’re using.

Mobile SEO

Searchmetrics gives you a complete picture of mobile SEO rankings and traffic.

For starters, the tool shows you organic and paid mobile search rankings and volumes.

Additionally, it enables you to compare your rankings with those of competitors.

The software will also highlight mobile keywords that can help you gain rank and attract more customers.

Finally, Searchmetrics  enables you to track the performance of your mobile apps across devices.

Global SEO

The digital age gave us a market without borders. Thankfully, Searchmetrics is here to help you leverage data from more than 100 million domains in 30 countries.

Use the tool to learn about backlinks and rankings for websites all over the globe. Find out about your toughest competitors in various regions.

Searchmetrics will also help you define country-specific markets with targeted keyword sets.

Perhaps best of all, the tool will give you the most recent search term rankings five days a week.

Local SEO

Even in this global economy, you still might have a market close to home. That’s especially the case if you’re running a mom-and-pop shop in your hometown.

Searchmetrics will give you insights from over 480 city-search engine combinations from 14 countries. Harvest that information to gain an edge over your local competitors.

The tool will also highlight trends and opportunities that you might have missed.

Searchmetrics is continually adding more cities to its database.

Backlink Analysis

Although content is king, backlinks still help boost rank. That’s why you need a tool like Searchmetrics to provide insights about off-page performance.

For starters, the app will analyze the quality of your existing backlinks. That info will give you an idea about how much they’re contributing to current rankings.

It will also compare your backlink profile to a competitor’s. Use that info to learn about why another business outranks you for a specific search term.

Searchmetrics also enables you to sort your backlink profile by country, website type, or industry.

Finally, the tool will identify backlink spam so you can add those URLs to your disavow list.

Site and Link Optimization

When it comes to technical SEO, Searchmetrics offers a deep-crawl web spider that gives you a holistic view of your site’s structure.

In fact, the tool will crawl up to two million pages on your website. Use the info that it gathers to create URL groups and optimize entire site segments for maximum performance.

Searchmetrics will also give you reports about what it found on specific pages. Those reports will include page errors that you need to resolve.

The site and link optimization feature also gives you info about load times. You might find that you need to increase website speed to keep visitors around.

SEM & PPC Optimization

Not all online marketing involves organic outreach. You’re probably also running some ads as well.

Searchmetrics helps you boost the performance of those ads with reports that include actionable insights.

Not only that, though. The tool will give you info about ads run by competitors so you can learn about the keywords they’re using to reel in customers.

By the way, some of those paid keywords you uncover can be used for organic search as well.

Finally, Searchmetrics also enables you to perform split-testing with your ads. Use test results to identify the most successful headline/copy combinations.

Keyword Analysis

Which keywords are keeping you happy all the way to the bank? You can answer that question with the assistance of Searchmetrics.

Searchmetrics keyword interface

The tool will give you an overview of all your keywords, their pages, and their associated key performance indicators (KPIs).

Beyond that, Searchmetrics will do a deep-dive into your competitors’ websites to find out which keywords they’re using. Then, it will show you their successful search terms that you don’t even know about.

Harvest that info to play “catch up” with them on those keywords.

Searchmetrics also delivers keyword opportunities that neither you nor your competitors have yet discovered.

Additionally, the tool will help you categorize your keyword set so you can produce relevant content for specific market segments.

Last of all, the keyword analysis feature will produce a progress report that shows you keyword performance over time.


So what do all these features cost? That depends on what you want.

Each of the tools has a separate price. If you want all four, there’s probably some sort of package deal available.

Unfortunately, Searchmetrics doesn’t include pricing on its website. You have to call for a demo if you want to know how much it costs.

It certainly isn’t going to be cheap, though. Especially if you want the complete suite.

Pros and Cons

Lots of people use Searchmetrics regularly to improve brand visibility. Here’s what they have to say about their experience with the toolset.

First, the pros:

  • One of the most powerful SEO tools on the market
  • Offers comprehensive, deep data sets
  • Content Experience is a great tool to streamline communication between digital strategists and writers
  • Visibility graph shows you when Google updates occur
  • Possible to track visibility in several countries
  • Enables you to set up scheduled crawls to track internal optimization

Next, the cons:

  • PPC visibility graph doesn’t seem to correlate to anything
  • Keyword tool doesn’t recommend alternate search terms when it can’t find any results for a specific search term
  • Content Experience tool requires you to take your content out of your existing CMS and put it in Searchmetrics
  • Would be nice to see more filtering in the keywords reports
  • Company charges for everything
  • Might take a few weeks to get familiar with the user interface
  • Some table columns can’t be sorted

Wrapping It Up

Is it worth the expense? Probably as the reviews are overwhelmingly positive.

Remember, though, you don’t have to play guessing games with this one. If you’re unsure, just reach out to the Searchmetrics sales team and schedule a demo.

They’ll show you why so many digital strategists rely on Searchmetrics daily.

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